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"Misery" is Third Single from "This is What the Truth Feels Like"

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Posted on 13:43, Friday, March 11

EW - Gwen Stefanis third solo album drops later this month, but ahead of This Is What The Truth Feels Likes release, the former No Doubt frontwoman shared another track from the collection. After teasing the new song on Instagram Thursday afternoon, Misery premiered just an hour later. And despite its downer of track title, Stefani insists the third single off her latest set is about her newfound happiness with boyfriend Blake Shelton.

  • "Misery"
  • Billboard Trending Chart
  • Peak: #2
  • March 11, 2016

The record is happening in real time, Stefani told EW last month. Ive never had a record thats been about happiness, so that feels really good and different. And Ive never had records come out while its going on. Lyrics like Put me out of my misery/ hurry up come see me and Youre like drugs to me/ Im so into you totally echo the sentiment.

Stefani admits the first half of her writing process for the forthcoming album focused on the heartbreak she experienced after divorcing Gavin Rossdale last summer, yielding very sarcastic and kind of dark, mad, and angry songs.

Thats when we kind of flipped over to this happy, excited, new phase, Stefani continued. And I wrote a bunch of new songs I want to say four or five songs I wrote within the last three weeks.

The upbeat, synth-assisted Misery follows previous singles Used to Love You and Make Me Like You, all of which will appear on Stefanis upcoming 12-track set. Theres not one song thats a dud, she boasted. Im not bragging but Im just saying that we didnt let any bad songs on there. We made it good.

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