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Adrian Young Says New Band With Davey Havok Doesn't Sound Like AFI or No Doubt

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Posted on 14:46, Monday, May 16

Billboard - No Doubt drummer Adrian Young and bassist Tony Kanal were in the house Saturday (May 14) at KROQs twenty-fourth annual Weenie Roast. Though they are both Weenie Roast veterans, they were on hand this time as guests to enjoy the show. However, they could be back as performers in 2017 in their new, still-untitled project with Davey Havok. Young updated us on the band, which still doesnt have a name, but does have some firm plans in place, starting with hitting the studio in June and a 2017 tour.

How is the project with Davey coming?

We go in to record a record in June, so next month. We thoroughly demoed like 30 songs and now were actually going in to record. Its same songs, were gonna record in L.A.

When we spoke with Davey recently for Blaqk Audio he said you contacted him. What was it about Davey that interested you guys?

Well, he has spent a lot of time in similar circles with Tony Kanal and we knew Davey kind of because wed played a show together and obviously we knew AFI and Blaqk Audio. But we didnt know him that well so we met at Crossroads in Hollywood and said, Tony suggested we talk to you, have a conversation, we want to experiment and see if it works, maybe do a couple of songs. And it worked so great and we get along so well Im still waiting for that red flag. Its been over a year now and it hasnt surfaced. Hes a great guy and were having fun making music together.

What new things does he bring to the table musically?

I will say this, musical width or landscape is very wide and hes just had full range to really go places he maybe hasnt gone before and wanted to go. Weve never sat down and said, We have to be this kind of band or can we be more this style or that style? Its been purely organic and I dont want to sound cheesy, but thats just what it is. Its just four dudes in a room making music.

Does it get you guys to branch out as well?

Yeah, it does. But, at the same time with No Doubt we never had limits musically there either. I would say that musical landscape was much wider when you start from the beginning of the band to where we are now. It covers a lot of territory, so thats not new for us.

Is there a timeline for when people will hear music and do you plan to tour?

We plan to tour in 2017. I have no idea when this record will be done or when it will come out. Were excited. On a personal note I never thought Id get to start a new band, no way ever again, this late in life and its a lot of work. But then playing with Tom [Dumont] and Tony thats not work, thats easy. And then Daveys been nothing but a pleasure. Im sure there will be challenges. Its like youre married to three other people, here you go. But, as of yet, the challenges havent presented itself.

So does this feel like a new band to you even though three of the four members have been together?

Oh yeah, because it doesnt sound like anything, it actually doesnt sound like AFI or No Doubt. And sometimes Im not objective enough to really understand it. And I ask my wife or friends, I play them a snippet and I go, Does this sound like either one of these bands And theyre like, No. And I think thats a good thing.

What was the moment working together you started to find the chemistry and realized this would work?

After Davey came in the studio. What happened was we set up a few songs, some music and he sent us back like a bedroom-style vocal idea, rough sketch, back to us. And at first Im like, This might not work. That was my gut, this was foreign to me. Then I listened over and over again and I was like, Wait a minute, this might work. Then when he came into Toms home studio, he started singing it and we were in the same room talking parts I went, Oh man, this is gonna work. When we had the dialogue it was easy.

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