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Billboard - Gwen Stefani's brand new This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour kicked off last week in Boston, and the singer rocked it in a slew of killer corsets and leotards by cult favorite The Blonds. Billboard spoke exclusively with the design duo about creating custom corsets for Stefani, of whom they say fits perfectly with the brand because she "represents smart, strong, independent women everywhere with a little retro showgirl thrown in", and what the secret is to making ultra performance-friendly body wear.

How did this collaboration come about?

We're so excited about this tour as it's the first time Gwen has worn The Blonds. We've been working with stylists Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi for some time now and when they called about Gwen's tour it was like fate. The pieces we create always seem to find the right person or visa versa.

Was there anything specific you had to take into account since this was for a performance? How do you ensure a balance between beauty and comfort? 

It entailed adding stretch to structured pieces, maintaining the embroidered look and placement without anything catching during choreography, along with durability and comfort mainly. Once that's all nailed down there is an entire team that will maintain these pieces throughout the tour. But quick changes can be very stressful so zippers, snaps and Velcro are a must!

What was the inspiration behind all 3 corsets?

The Crystal Camo corset is like our version of Blond camouflage, completely paved in Preciosa Crystal.

Blond Rebel Corset was so perfect because it states the obvious and represents LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY!

The Velvet Rose (main photo) corset piece was a special request to allow for choreography and her trademark bralette silhouette. It was inspired by the red queen in Alice in Wonderland, a sort of "painting the roses red" moment except we crystalled them red with Preciosa. Gwen is one of the most inspiring and glamorous women in music and fashion. There is no one like her, she has her own sense of style and we really admire anyone that does what they feel is right for them.

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