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Posted by Administrator

Posted on 05:13, Saturday, October 8

Magical World of No Doubt - Looking back at the release of "This is What the Truth Feels Like". We fans are blessed with the result of the album.

In the fall of 2014. Gwen Stefani joined "the Voice" as Judge. Along her friend Pharrel Williams. Pharrel pointed Gwen Stefani into the right direction.  By making music more fun again.

She wrote a first draft of the third album. But wasn`t happy with it. That version of the album was almost complete. Until Gwen Stefani rejected it and start over. It contained by then the already released singles "Baby Don`t Lie" (October 2014) and "Spark the Fire" (December 2014). 

"This is What the Truth Feels Like" is an album were Gwen  Stefani is healing from her brake with Gavin Rossdale. Which happened after the Grammy Awards 2015. Gwen Stefani went into a dark period.

Gwen Stefani decided to make a more personal album. Insteed of an album with many collabrations.

This was the start of making "This is What the Truth Feels Like". Her writting was simular to the birth of "Tragic Kingdom". Which released 20 year earlier. Another album that written over an broke up. At the time was it between Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani. Resulting in the Breaktrough of No Doubt across the world.

"This is What the Truth Feels Like" was written as it happened. Meaning the album was still created as the first single dropped of the new version of the album.
"Used to Love You" (October 2015) was released exactly a year after the release of "Baby Don`t Like".  "Used to Love You" marked the first single since "The Sweet Escape" (2006) album. That hit the top 10 of the Adult radio chart in America.

The creating of "This What the Truth Feels Like" was still in process. During the fall of 2015 and spring 2016.
With the bad memories of the Grammy Awards 2015. Where her marriage with Gavin Rossdale feel appart. 

The Grammy Awards 2016 marked the release of the second single of "This is What the Truth Feels Like". Which was "Make Me Like You". The video was shot live during the Grammy Awards. Marking television history with first recorded Video live. 

In March was the release of "This is What the Truth Feels Like". The album entered the Billboard 200 chart at Number #1. This became Gwen Stefani`s first solo album that hit number #1. The last time Gwen Stefani was number #1 with an album. Was with No Doubt`s "Tragic Kingdom". Exactly 20 year ago.

A tour annouced for "This is What the Truth Feels Like". Which happened from July 2016 till October 2016.

Gwen Stefani made a visiual tour. With videos playing at the backdrop. The show was made to congratulate her fans for the support of the all the years support. The show was created to embrace the fans.

The third single of "This is what the Truth Feels Like" was released. Which was "Misery". That single contained a regular video.

It`s October 2016 and the last shows of the "This is What the Truth Feels Like" tour are coming. On October 29 & 30, 2016.

Time to refect back on this past period.

As webmaster of my site "Magical World of No Doubt". I enjoyed this period better then the previously released "Push and Shove" (2012) from No Doubt.

"Push and Shove" was a difficult period for No Doubt. To make it and finally release it. It contains just like all No Doubt albums Gems. But it didn`t match up. which previously released albums. 
"This is What the Truth Feels Like" was an whole other different expierence. It`s more powerfull and more personal at the same time.

I build my refection on a personal view.

What made this period more special to me. Was when Gwen Stefani became folower of my twitter account @MagicalWorldND. This happened during released of  "This is what the Truth Feels Like". Three days prior.

I met No Doubt back in 2002 and Gwen Stefani in 2007 again. This is was the first time in 9 year. Gwen Stefani showed personal support to my work.  I am glad Gwen Stefani appriciate my work. Which I do for 15 year at least.

First as member showing support and later joing the team.

It was the No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub. When I joined the team. I was able to administrate the site. But had to follow the rules. That were set by at the time.
The fanclub lost it`s rights to be a fanclub in 2009. Due No Doubt wanted to able to handle meet and greets themselfs. Ruling out third party input.

This became the birth of "Magical World of No Doubt". Also I became owner of the domain.

Something i am very proud of. Is the new website. Which no longer contained html files but was open source site. Making it better to administrate.

Slowly I learned to handle it. Everything i learned in time. Made me more able to handle the release of a new album.

"This is What the Truth Feels Like" marked the first time. I totally made a  working overview. Something I am proud of. 

With the end in sight of the "This is What the Truth Feels Like" era. I can make an conclusion.

Gwen Stefani is at the more happy place then previous years. Which make me happy.

"Magical World of No Doubt" is a well working site. That fits well with other No Doubt sites. "Beacon Street Online" and "Everything in Time" are friends. Collabrate is what it makes to make a good comminity.

I been a No Doubt fan for nearly 20 year. Sping 2017 marks my 20th Anniversary as fan. This personal note was something I wanted to share.

I`ll hope No Doubt or all their side projects are well recieved in the future.

October 8, 2016             
Magical World of No Doubt

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