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No Doubt Debut Album 25th Anniversary "Trapped in A Box"

Posted by Administrator

Posted on 10:49, Saturday, January 21

No Doubt`s Self Titled Debut Album celebrates it`s 25th Anniversary on March 17, 2017.

The first and only single "Trapped in a Box" was released to promote the album. But it didn`t have any commercial succes. A Video was recorded at the band house on Beacon Street.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DccmKKnizFY

Within the booklet from The Singles 1992-2003 is a blurb on each song. The short paragraph on "Trapped in a Box" states:

The oldest track in this collection, "Trapped in a Box" is the sole representative of No Doubt's eponymous major label debut and a good barometer for their development. Beginning as a poem Tom wrote for school, bandleader at the time Eric Stefani then shaped the arrangement with everyone contributing lyrics. Together for six years when recorded, the band had moved beyond their ska roots. The horn section and quasi-ska rhythms remain inspired by those early Madness/Fishbone influences, while the emerging sense of flow and pop bounce makes the track a benchmark for the time and a notable milestone today. Ostensibly their first official single, "Trapped" was admittedly too out there for the radio of the time. It wasn't aggressively promoted and largely fell upon deaf ears in a world enthralled with an "alternative revolution" mainly centered on male aggression. That changed soon enough

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