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Here Are the 7 Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time

Posted by Administrator

Posted on 04:00, Saturday, March 11

People - When video killed the radio star in 1981 with the launch of MTV, music videos became a vital part of promotion for artists.

From Madonna to Michael Jackson, some stars went all out, with budgets rivaling million-dollar blockbuster movies.

Thanks to a video from Coinage, Time Inc.s new personal finance video franchise, we now know exactly how much cash went into creating some of the most expensive music videos of all time.

Here is the top 7:

7. Make Me Like You by Gwen Stefani (2016)

Gwen Stefani made history when she filmed the first live music video in TV history at the Grammys. The Make Me Like You performance included multiple sets, costume changes and colorful background dancersall costing a pretty penny.

Reported Cost: $4 million.

6. Estranged by Guns N Roses (1994)

Guns N Roses were no strangers to shelling out millions to make their vision a reality. Part of a trilogy, the Estranged music video includes a bizarre subplot and holographic dolphins.

Reported Cost: $4 million.

5. Black or White by Michael Jackson (1991)

The king of pop moonwalks onto the list with his Black or White music video, which also features a young Macaulay Culkin and Tyra Banks.

Reported Cost: $4 million.

4 & 3. Bedtime Story (1995) & Express Yourself by Madonna (1989)

The material girl proved shes all about the cash with her Bedtime Story and Express Yourself music videos that earn her two spots on the list.

Reported cost: $5 million each

2. Die Another Day by Madonna (2002)

In the music video for the James Bond movie theme, Madonna can be seen having a fencing match against herself.

Reported Cost: $6.1 million

1. Scream by Michael and 

Topping the list is the brother and sister duos futuristic black and white feature for their hit Scream.

Reported Cost: $7 million

Janet Jackson (1995)

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