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New Gwen Stefani Song Titles

Posted by Administrator

Posted on 15:27, Tuesday, August 1

Gwen Stefani - Several new song titles have been registered at copyright sites.

All the song having a Christmas theme.

New Gwen Stefani Song Titles (2017)
Title Writers Source
"Christmas Eve" Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee Gema.de
"My Gift Is You" Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee Gema.de
"Under The Christmas Lights" Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee Gema.de
"When I Was A Little Girl" Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Busbee Gema.de
"You Make It Feel Like Christmas" Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Blake Shelton, Busbee Gema.de
"Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes Before You" Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter and Busbee Bmi.com

IdolatorFestive! It Looks Like Gwen Stefani Is Recording A Christmas Album

A couple of weeks ago, Gwen Stefani announced that she was back in the studio. Ive been working on new music, which Im so excited to release this year, the No Doubt diva told Weekender. I cant say too much about it just yet, but Ive had so much fun in the studio. Well, it looks like the flawless 47-year-old is recording a Christmas album. She has registered a bunch of tracks with BMI and, as the pop icons eagle-eyed fans point out, they all have a festive theme.

Song titles include Christmas Eve, My Gift Is You, Under The Christmas Lights and When I Was A Little Girl. All of those tracks were co-written with Busbee and Justin Tranter. There might even be another duet with Blake Shelton in the works. He is listed as a co-writer on You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Of course, a track being registered is no guarantee that it will ever see the light of day. However, all signs point to Gwen working on a seasonal opus. It looks like Sia is going to have some competition!

HiddenJams - Is Gwen Stefani Releasing A Christmas Album?

Last month, Gwen Stefani revealed that shes already working on new music, even though her album This Is What The Truth Feels Like just came out a year ago. No we have some new song titles to scrutinize, and it looks like we may be getting a Christmas album!

The first new song title we heard was Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes Before You. It appeared on BMI, one of the major publishing rights organizations in the US. (Thanks to commenter GwensTruth for sharing this news with us!) Gwen wrote the song with Justin Tranter (a main collaborator on her last album) and Michael James Ryan Busbee. It sounds like this song was inspired by Gwens boyfriend, country singer Blake Shelton.

Things start to get more festive with the new songs that appeared online today. Shoutout to the great detective work from fans over on ATRL for finding this info! Harry Fox Agencys Songfile lists a new song called Under The Christmas Lights, also written by Gwen, Justin Tranter, and Busbee.

Meanwhile, the GEMA repertoire search also lists song calledChristmas Eve, My Gift Is You, When I Was A Little Girl, and You Make It Feel Like Christmas. All were written by the same three songwriters, except You Make It Feel Like Christmas, which was also co-written by Blake Shelton.

Based on those song titles, it sounds like well be getting a Christmas album from Gwen this holiday season! The two songs related to Blake Shelton suggest that things might also sound a bit more country, but thats not yet confirmed. Gwen and Blake collaborated on their 2016 duet, Go Ahead And Break My Heart.

Gwen hasnt confirmed anything except that shes recording in the studio. She has not mentioned anything about the music being holiday-themed, country, or even being part of a full album. Well keep you up-to-date as more details emerge.

What do you think about a Gwen Stefani Christmas album? Are you interested in hearing it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

In the meantime, enjoy This Is What The Truth Feels Like. Its songs rang from bitter breakup anthems to giddy love songs, so theres something for everyone. Keep checking back here for all the latest Gwen Stefani music news.

Nosey - Sia and Gwen Stefani Both Apparently Have Christmas Albums Coming

It's August! Time to crack open a cold one, sit in the sun, bask in the simple joy of a lunch hour spent outside, wear some shorts and yeah, just live in the moment, summer 2017! Maybe the best summer of your life, maybe this year could be the one, maybe you'll finally have the summer you've always dreamed of, maybe you'll take a trip and ACTUALLY NO sorry not allowed because we have officially entered the final third of the year, time is literally crushing all of us, and people are announcing Christmas albums because the roar of capitalism never stops engulfing our lives, tehe XD.

So yeah basically Sia's confirmed a Christmas album and Gwen Stefani's probably doing one as well.

On Tuesday this week, it was officially announced that Sia had signed to Atlantic Records and, as her first trick, would be releasing a "collection of original holiday songs." And then on the same day, it was suggested that Gwen Stefani might also be releasing a Christmas album due to some new titles to which she's credited as a writer on the publishing website gema.de, including "Christmas Eve," "My Gift Is You," and "You Make It Feel Like Christmas." To be honest, yeah, she's almost definitely doing a Christmas album, isn't she?

But what can we expect from these two seasonal masterpieces? On one hand I feel like Sia's could actually be a surprising, weird, Sufjan Stevens Christmas album-esque thing, but on the other, more realistic hand we are definitely going to get 11 songs of proper ****ing yelling, but with jingle bells in the background. Where Gwen's concerned, however, I'm actually quite surprised that this isn't something she's done before (though there have long been rumours that she was planning a holiday record with her partner Blake Shelton) her bird's coo of a voice and general #cute aesthetic lend themselves particularly well to Christmas kitsch. And honestly now that A Very Gwen Stefani Christmas has been dangled in front of me, a veritable Rudolph's carrot, if we don't get at least one music video where she's wearing a Mrs Claus outfit I'll flip a table.

Anyway I'm sure in a few months' time when they actually come out we'll be referring back to this post and saying "wow where has the time gone???" but for now I'd like you to forget all about this blog and these albums and Christmas as a concept and go back to getting sunburned and drinking warm beers, love you.

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