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"You Make It Feel Like Christmas" Single Out Now

Posted by Administrator

Posted on 11:47, Friday, September 22

Gwen Stefani - The first single "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" is available now. It`s duet between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. 


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Feel the Holiday Love in 'You Make It Feel Like Christmas'

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have taken their relationship to the studio for "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," the title track on Stefani's You Make It Feel Like Christmas album out Oct. 6. The lead single was released on Thursday (Sept. 21). 

The beat leans more toward Stefani's pop style than Shelton's country roots, but Shelton's jarringly twangy voice on the first verse makes the song a mix of both of their genres. And as for the lyrics, well, you can definitely tell that Christmastime will be a season of love for these two.

"I wanna thank the storm that brought the snow/ Thanks to the string of lights that make it glow/ But I want to thank you, baby/ You make it feel like Christmas," Shelton croons before the two come together for some adorable harmonies. "Sweet gingerbread made with molasses/ My heart skipped and I reacted/ Can't believe that this has happened/ Like a present sent from God/Sleigh bells singing hallelujah/ Stars are shining on us, too/I want to thank you, baby/ You make it feel like Christmas."

Stefani announced the album (out Oct. 6) shortly before the single was made available on Thursday (Sept. 21). Despite Shelton's invovlement with the holiday project, the country superstar announced a forthcoming LP of his own, Texoma Shore, which is due Nov. 3.

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