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What Make it Feel Like Christmas

Posted by Administrator

Posted on 05:47, Saturday, October 7

Magical World of No Doubt - What Make It Feel Like Christmas. It`s been exactly one year ago. I created the Truth Story. As I used the subject from "This is What the Truth Feels Like". Gwen Stefani`s third solo album that released on March 18, 2016. Only one and half year later. Gwen Stefani released her fourth solo album called "You Make it Feel Like Christmas" on October 6, 2017. Which is a Christmas themed album. The album title also mimic her last album. This is What the Truth FEELS LIKE" and "You Make it FEEL LIKE Christmas". Both titles contains: Feel Like. So you can express the feeling in a way you like. This story is about the What subject. Because it`s expresses a more global feeling. Wider than just a person. Which is the You on album title.

Last year we went on vacation in Germany. It was the first time I went on vacation in a different country. Then where I life. The vacation was just a few days. At the end of the vacation. While driving around we heard Melanie C on the radio. A song which was not well known in my country. But it was very big in Germany. The song was called "First Day of My Life". It was exactly what I felt during that vacation.
As the vacation endeth. That song was refering that vacation as the year went by. It became like a vacation theme.
Almost a year later. Melanie C was giving a signing session in Germany. Even quiet close where I heard the song on the radio. For the first time. So I decided to visit that signing session. After quiet a long drive. I arrived at the destination. Way to early on the event. So I sat down and waited. A girl was sitting next to me after a while. We went in conversation and a friendship was born. We waited for several hours. I made a cardbord sign with the text "I drove 250 Km to get a Photo with Melanie C". As the signing session started. I was the first to meet Melanie C. Because I was first in line. I finally could say. That song "First Day of My Life" changed my life. Because it represent a shift in my celebration vacation. We made a few photos together.  Melanice C wanted to have the sign. To have a reminder I met her. This whole event. Gave me oppertunity to meet Melanie C and make a new friendship. Those photos with her. Represent the vacation. I had a year before.
A month later we went on vacation. But this time to the United Kingdom. We did this by car. I drove through the country. As music we played that song from Melanie C on repeat "First Day of My Life". Because that way. I could focus really well on unkown roads.
Melanie C was always one of my favorite Spice Girls. Meeting her 20 Year after big breakthrough over the world with the Spice Girls. It also fitted well with our journey through the United Kingdom.
Our first weekend was about visiting a convention. Which was held in the middle of the United Kingdom. I took a long while to book a good hotel to visit that part of the country. During the preparion period. But what I found was perfect. It was the town called Rugby.
The town is known to be birthplace of the game Rugby Football. So we wanted to capture that on photo and explore the roots of that place. During our time in between.
The first day we arrived we did visit several places that we wanted to visit. Before heading to the convention the next day.
Coventry Music Museum was one of these places. It`s about the history of music. Coventry is the place where the Selecter and  The Specials are from. So Ska is part of the music history. No Doubt is born out of the 2nd Ska Wave. Which was in the 80s. Bands like Madness were really big in that period. In the Coventry Music Museum we found the orginal lyrics on paper from "On My Radio". The museum is run by a select group of people. That poor down their heart into that piece of history. That part of the vacation was really focused on the Ska part.
We visited several Rugby areas to capture the Rugby feeling. A like Rugby field on the outskirts of town. Also the town sign is Rugby football style. It`s a town that easy brand itself. But we didn`t visited the orginal born place of the game. Until the next day. I did most of the research and kown about the 90%. So didn`t known the exact location. Yet easy to find. I let it happen. When we were there. When we eated a local restaurant. I noticed a photo with the exact location. Than it was easy to find. Because we drove by that place the day before.
The good thing about finding it later. Was that wheater was perfect for a good photoshoot. The Sun was present. While wasn`t earlier. So we drove the birthplace of the Rugby Football game. We made a beautifull photoshoot. One of my best photos I ever taken. Made on the birthplace of the game.
On the convention that same day. We met Helen Slater. She played the niece of Superman in the spin off movie Supergirl. Which is different from Christopher Reeve movies. The actress might not be well known. She was the 2nd Girlpower woman I met in short time. With Melanie C just a month before. The photos taken on convention like that are proffesional. So I left with an awesome and good photo with Supergirl. 
The mid week that followed we were at the most easterly side of the United Kingdom.
With the reson  wanted to visit my girlfriend for her 50th Birthday. Tought it was a great present. We met before on the web. Known each other for 14 year. But we never met at real.
We had seaview in our bed and Breakfast. Where were stayed.
In the middle of the week. We spend time walking around town. When we arrived at the end. I came up with the idea to sit on a bench that look out over the sea. That moment we sat on that bench. Looking out over the sea. While the sun was shining. It was one of the best moments of the vacation. Having my girlfriend and boyfriend together and next to me on that bench.  While the waves hitting the beach. A pedestrian made photos of us on that bench. Told that we weird waves in front of us at that moment. Were Wild Whales.
As the the vacation progressed. We entered our last location. While was Folkestone. We came from nearby London and the wheater was very cloudy. No Sun at all. So after a hour drive we arrived at Folkestone. I Wanted to the see the Cliff Side of Dover. As we entered the road beside the Cliff. The sun became visable for the first time that day. Just at the right moment. The view was stunning. Looking out of a cliff which was hugh.
These things together (Melanie C, Helen Slater and Visit to United Kingdom) are for me the What Make it Feel Like Christmas.
We done amazing things this summer. Which we are happy to share. Hope it gives inspiration  to other people. That is What Make it Feel Like Christmas.

October 7, 2017
Magical World of No Doubt

Truth Story
October 8, 2016
Truth Wall at Forum, Los Angeles a Week Later

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