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"The Sweet Escape" in Supergirl TV Series Origen Story "Midvale"

Posted by Administrator

Posted on 03:07, Tuesday, November 14

Tune Find - Gwen Stefani`s second single "The Sweet Escape" from second solo album "The Sweet Escape". Was used in a special episode of the TV Series "Supergirl". Which is currently in their third season. It`s the 6th episode of the third season and 48th episode overal.

Synopsis: Kara and Alex head home to Midvale for a little R&R. While there, Kara recalls a painful memory of a childhood friends death and how that traumatic experience brought the Danvers sisters closer together.

Personal Note: I had the oppertunity to meet Helen Slater (the original Supergirl from 1984 movie) at a convention in Birmingham in the United Kingdom on June 4, 2017. The last time I met Gwen Stefani was during the "Sweet Escape" tour in 2007. This Episode connects both events. 

Supergirl "Midvale" November 13, 2017
  • Night So Long
  • Haim
Kara and Alex drive back to their hometown of Midvale where their mother waits for them; Alex gives her mother a brief hug then heads into the house; Alex looks into the mirror after showering.
  • Fake Do-Gooders
  • The Eames Era
Montage of Alex and Kara's day at school with one another causing conflct in one anothers lives
  • You Love Me
  • Holcombe Waller
Kara meets Kenny in the forest where they look at stars; Kara and Kenny almost kiss when Kara pulls back, then they confess to being each others only real friend in the town.
  • The Sweet Escape
  • Gwen Stefani

Alex and Kara leave Midvale to return to National City and their lives.

 Gwen Stefani "Sweet Escape" Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0lf_fE3HwA

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