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No Doubt 30

No Doubt Formed in Dec. 1986. They had there first official show on March  14, 1987. Now 25 Year later in 2012. We reflect on 25 Year No Doubt. This No Doubt Special was Launched on March 14th, 2012. Enjoy!
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  • 1.0 First Official Show
  • 1.1 General Information
  • 1.2 Fender`s International Ballroom
  • 1.3 Bandmembers
  • 1.4 Tony Kanal
  • 1.5 Aid
  • 2.0 Fender`s Ballroom
  • 2.1 Recap
  • 2.2 Fender`s Ballroom Timeline
  • 2.3 Fall of Ballroom
  • 3.0 Photos
  • 4.0 Videos

1.0 No Doubt`s First Official Show

1.1 General Information 1.2 Fender`s International Ballroom
Where: Fender`s International Ballroom
At: Lafayette Hotel
Located: Long Beach, California
When: March 14th, 1987
Headliner: The Untouchables
Number of bands: 14
Building: Lafayette Complex
Featured:  Fender`s International Ballroom
Owned by: John Fender
Concert Director: Ken Phebus
Who Also performed There: The Vandals, 7 Seconds,
Youth of Today, Red Hot Chilly Peppers and more
When was it in use: 1985 till 1989
Destroid: Fire on June 7th, 1994
1.3 Bandmembers 1.4 Tony Kanal
John Spence - Lead Singer
Gwen Stefani - Vocal
Eric Stefani - Keyboard
Chris Leal - Bass Guitar
Chris Webb  - Drums
Jerry McMahon - Guitar
Paul Caseley - Trombone
Tony Meade - Saxophone
Gabrial Gonzalvez - Trumpet
No Doubt current bass player Tony Kanal was watching
the show. He shorty after joined No Doubt. Replacing
their old Bass Player Chris Leal.
1.5 Aid
All proceeds of this show went to Scooterville, one of the oldest bike shops in Anaheim that sold Vespas, Lambrettas and all other sorts of scooters. They also held various scooter rallies. The old Scooterville on Anaheim Blvd. burned down in 1986 or so, which may explain the benefit. Anaheim City Hall now sits on its old location.

2.0 Fender`s Ballroom Long Beach California

2.1 Recap2.2 Fender`s Ballroom Timeline

This is where No Doubt had their first official performance on Mach 14th, 1987.

Fenders Ballroom was a short lived but legendary punk rock club located in Long Beach California's historic Laffeyette Hotel. Operated by John Fender from 1985 through March 28th 1989, when the club was declared a public nuisance by its neighbors who complained of noise, drunks, gun shots, on mini-riot and a fire.

The club hosted many of the top punk and Glam bands of the mid-1980's: Including the Damned, the Vandals, Fine Young Cannibals, 7 Seconds, Youth Of Today, Uniform Choice, Adolescents, Agnostic Front, Black Flag, GBH, Jesus and Mary Chain and the Cro-Mags.
C. 1985
John Fender, then owner of International Ballroom, which was used as a concert hall for live bands, has plans for Lafayette rooms. Fender has problems with Homeowners Association; he has not paid monthly assessments due to disputes.

July 14, 1986
Long Beach moves to shut down bars in cocaine deals involving Players Sports Club at 144 Linden owned by Fender. Undercover officers purchase coke from five Players employees.

C. 1987
Lafayette complex designated a Historic Landmark by City of Long Beach. At same time, property is deteriorating and demolition is possible.

March 28, 1989
Fenders Ballroom declared nuisance by neighbors. Lafayette condo owners angry about noise, drunks, gun shots, mini-riot and fire last Spring. City shuts down Ballroom later that year.

History of the Lafayette

2.3 Long Beach Revokes Ballroom's License in Wake of Complaints

LA TIMES - August 10, 1989|TED JOHNSON | Times Staff Writer

LONG BEACH Acting on complaints of noise, littering and drug use and drug sales, the City Council has voted unanimously to revoke the business license of Fender's International Grand Ballroom, which showcases heavy metal and punk bands on weekends.

The city's Department of Financial Management recommended the action. A department report said the owner of the downtown nightspot, John Fender, failed to comply with repeated requests from the city to halt rowdiness allegedly caused by patrons.

The council also revoked licenses for two party rooms and Player's Sports Bar, a bar and grill that Fender owns on the same block. The ballroom is at 521 E. 1st St.

"This man has stomped on his neighbors; he's raised havoc," Councilman Wallace Edgerton said. "If he would have been in my district, I would have shut him down a year ago."

Nearby residents complain that they have been harassed by patrons loitering in the area and littering.

Last year, rock fans outside Fender's skirmished with Long Beach police who had cut off further access to a concert in an overcrowded room.

Fender has contended that patrons have not caused all of the problems. "We're in downtown Long Beach and have only one show a week, while the area's got problems seven days a week," he said last month in an interview.

Fender left the hearing last week saying: "It isn't over yet."

His attorney, M. Lawrence Lallande, said he plans to seek a Superior Court order to force the City Council to schedule another hearing for Fender.

Lallande said Fender has been preoccupied by a five-week criminal trial that recently concluded when a jury convicted Fender of helping steal more than $141,000 from Farmers & Merchants Bank in 1987. He had been accused of conspiring with a bank teller to cover his overdrafts with bogus deposits.

Fender, who is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 22, faces a prison term of up to five years.

3.0 Photos

4.0 Videos


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