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No Doubt 30

No Doubt Formed in Dec. 1986. They had there first official show on March  14, 1987. Now 25 Year later in 2012. We reflect on 25 Year No Doubt. This No Doubt Special was Launched on March 14th, 2012. Enjoy!
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  • 1.0 Year Recap 
  • 2.0 Tour Info
  • 2.1 General Information
  • 2.2 Setlist
  • 3.0 Photos
  • 4.0 Releases
  • 4.1 Cover
  • 4.2 Info
  • 4.3 Released
  • 4.4 Tracklist
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1.0 Year Recap

  • Winter 1997
    No Doubt begins its third headlining tour, this time at enormadome venues. It was either stripped-down clubs or Spinal Tap, jests Tom. They went with the classic comedy and the Cirque de Soliel sets.
    Tragic Kingdom reaches No. 1 on Billboard's International Album Eurochart, and was a Top 5 album in the U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia, Norway, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Denmark and Finland.
  • January 1997
    No Doubt attends American Music Awards after being nominated for Favorite New Artist Pop/Rock. Band is super excited even if they don't win. "Not bad, Best New Artist and we've been around for 10 years," marvels Gwen.
  • February 1997
    No Doubt attends Grammy Awards after being nominated for Best Rock Album and Best New Artist. Band is super excited even if they don't win. They perform "Spiderwebs" live.
    All-time touring highlight, No Doubt plays a sold-out, 3,000-capacity show in Israel-including members of the opposing religious groups. On their day off, they tour Jerusalem and swim in the Dead Sea.
  • March 1997
    No Doubt celebrates Tenth Anniversary!!!
  • April 11, 1997

    No Doubt perform the reggae-tinged "Sunday Morning" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; although the lyrics are once again about their break up, it's Tony's favorite No Doubt song.
  • May 1997
    Rolling Stone finally puts No Doubt on the cover-the ENTIRE band in white surgical garb. The writer announces "everything (Gwen) says is true" and that their pop music is "rousing and potent."
    At a show in Northern California, which ironically included a rendition of "The Imperial March" from Star Wars, George Lucas and his daughter go backstage to meet the band. Lucas invites the band to see the Phantom Menace set in London.
  • July 1997
    Tony meets his all-time music hero Prince after the Purple One checked out No Doubt's Minneapolis show. Later that night, the band jams at Paisley Park.
  • Summer 1997
    Rarely seeing a Sunday morning at home, No Doubt continues to see the world from a stage. Tragic Kingdom, still in the Top 50 at 80-plus weeks on the charts, sells seven million in the U.S. and 11 million worldwide.
    No Doubt, their first record, has now sold around 250,000 copies.
  • September 4, 1997
    They finally win. "Don't Speak" gives No Doubt the opportunity to speak as they enthusiastically accept the Best Group Video statue at the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Fall 1997
    Tragic Kingdom has now sold in the neighborhood of eight million in the U.S. and 13 million worldwide.
    The end of the "big" tour for Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt hit some choice spots in Europe, and play for the first time in India, Singapore and South America.
    While in London, the band watches the filming of a Phantom Menace light saber scene starring Ewan McGregor's character and Darth Maul.
    In Singapore, the band abides by the country's laws for public performance: no spitting, swearing, gyrating, and naked torsos. A good time is still had.
    The band all agrees that playing in India was the most awesome experience on stage. For Tony, who flew his parents home to India for a rare visit, the experience held a special meaning as his extended family sat in the front row.
  • October 1997
    Interscope re-releases the 10-song Beacon Street Collection as part of the back catalog.
    (100,000 copies were initially sold by the band in 1995.)
  • November 1997
    No Doubt releases Live In The Tragic Kingdom, a 92-minute, live-performance video shot at The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, the arena owned by the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland). Plenty of rock poses, good cheer and sweat.
  • December 1997
    More good tidings, No Doubt's version of the Vandals joyful carol "Oi To The World appears on the album A Very Special Christmas III; album proceeds benefit the Special Olympics. The accompanying "Oi To The World" video was shot with a digital video camera by Sophie Muller while the band was on tour in India.
  • A Rest to Develop It

2.0 Tour Info

2.1 General Information 2.2 Setlist
Name Tragic Kingdom Tour
Tour Dates 100+
Size International
Venues Venues / Arena / Stadium
Outstanding Venues

Singapore Stadium, Signapore

  1. Tragic Kingdom
  2. Excuse Me Mr.
  3. Different People
  4. Happy Now?
  5. Oi To The World
  6. Just A Girl
  7. The Climb
  8. End It On This
  9. Total Hate
  10. Hey You (acoustic)
  11. Star Wars Imperial March
  12. Move On - Ghost Town
  13. Don't Speak
  14. Sunday Morning
  15. Heartbreaker
  16. Spiderwebs

3.0 Photos

4.0 Releases

4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released

  • No Doubt
  • Single
  • 1997
  • UK
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts

Part 1

  1. "Sunday Morning" - 4:32
  2. "Sunday Morning" (live) - 9:20
  3. "Oi to the World" - 2:42
  4. "By the Way" (live) - 3:54

Part 2

  1. "Sunday Morning" - 4:32
  2. "Different People" (live) - 6:31
  3. "Tragic Kingdom" (live) - 4:03
  4. "Sunday Morning" (video) - 4:32

Australian single

  1. "Sunday Morning" (radio edit) 4:14
  2. "Just a Girl" (live from London, U.K.) 5:37
  3. "Don't Speak" (live from Hamburg, Germany) 5:26
  4. "Hey You" (live from Den Haag, Holland) 3:20
  5. "Get on the Ball" 3:32
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 21
Canadian RPM Singles Chart 33
Canadian RPM Alternative 30 21
Swedish Singles Chart 55
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Mainstream 35
United Kingdom (Official Charts Company) 50
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Single
  • 1997
  • Australia
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts

Swedish CD single

  1. "Happy Now?" - 3:43
  2. "Oi to the World" - 2:15

Australian CD single

  1. "Happy Now?" - 3:43
  2. "Let's Get Back" - 4:12
  3. "D.J.'s (Live)" - 4:06 (written by Sublime)

[British CD single (cancelled)

  1. "Happy Now?" - 3:43
  2. "Hey You!" - 3:34
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • CD+VCD
  • September 1997
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts


  1. Just A Girl
  2. Just A Girl (Live from London, UK)
  3. Don't Speak (Live from Hamburg, Germany)
  4. Hey You (Live from Den Haag, Holland)


  1. Spiderwebs
  2. Spiderwebs (Live from KROQ, Los Angeles)
  3. Sailin' On
  4. Just A Girl (Enhanced version)
  1. Don't Speak
  2. Don't Speak (Acoustic version)
  3. Hey You (Acoustic version)
  4. Greener Pastures
  1. Just A Girl (CD ROM video)
  2. Spiderwebs (CD ROM video)
  3. Don't Speak (CD ROM video)
  4. Sunday Morning (CD ROM video)

5.0 Videos


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