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No Doubt 30

No Doubt Formed in Dec. 1986. They had there first official show on March  14, 1987. Now 25 Year later in 2012. We reflect on 25 Year No Doubt. This No Doubt Special was Launched on March 14th, 2012. Enjoy!

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  • 1.0 Year Recap
  • 2.0 Tour Info
  • 2.1 General Information
  • 2.2 Setlist
  • 3.0 Photos
  • 4.0 Releases
  • 4.1 Cover
  • 4.2 Info
  • 4.3 Released
  • 4.4 Tracklist
  • 4.5 Charts
  • 5.0 Videos

1.0 Year Recap

  • January 16, 2000
    The first No Doubt wedding: Adrian and Nina happily make the commitment at Adrian's home in Southern California while family and close friends join in the celebration. A true tight-knit group, Gwen serves as a bridesmaid while Tony and Tom stand as groomsmen.
  • The Long-Awaited Return
  • January 2000
    No Doubt is shot-but it's all good. David LaChapelle photographs the group for their new album, drum roll please, Return of Saturn.
    "Ex-Girlfriend," the first-and extremely anticipated single, is released to radio, where it rocks on alternative for 27 weeks.
    Is it about Gwen and Tony? No. Is it about Gwen and Gavin? Yes. Is Gwen the ex? No!
    The video, shot by Hype Williams, is seen on millions of TVs.
  • April 1-10, 2000
    The Build-Up. Performances on Conan O'Brien, and Modern Rock Live syndicated radio show, interviews for CNN Worldbeat, and Gwen is shot for the covers of Nylon and CosmoGirl magazines. In a week or so, the entire band gets their pictures taken - together-by David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone.
  • April 11, 2000
    The very down-to-earth yet extremely out there Return of Saturn is released on a global scale. Produced by Glen Ballard, mixed by Jack Joseph Puig and recorded by Alain Johannes, the 14-song disc encompasses the band's eclectic tastes: New Wave, reggae, pop and rock. Tom astutely states, "It's probably a lot easier to have sex to this record than the last." Gwen sees it differently: "It's a selfish record in a way because the songs are largely about me-and my insecurities. I laid it all out there-and it feels good."
    It debuts at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart one week later.
  • April 12-24, 2000
    The return to the spotlight:
    "Simple Kind of Life," the second single, is released. (It will spend 20 weeks on the modern rock alternative radio chart.)
    For the video, directed by Sophie Muller, Gwen commands the screen in a fabulous wedding dress she and Sophie designed after seeing a stunning John Galliano design.
    Band performs on L.A. radio station KROQ during the Kevin & Bean Show and on Jay Leno ("Simple Kind of Life"). Band also plays a rocking fun show in Orange County (roots) to lots and lots of fans and in L.A. at the Universal Amphitheater where industry types and celebs chatter but are drowned out by screaming fans.
    Band sets out on a month long press tour across Europe, Japan and Australia.
  • April 27, 2000
    "Gwen and the Boys Arrive as a Band." Rolling Stone gives No Doubt a four star glowing record review: "Return of Saturn is a rare achievement: a superstar follow up that not only betters its predecessor but also radically departs from it."
  • May 2000
    An as-long-as-I-have-been-playing-bass dream, Tony is photographed for the cover of Bass Player magazine. Serious recognition. The publication called his style a "selfless approach" and went on to say, "Tony's lines give energy and life to Saturn's broad emotional range."
    Appropriately, Gwen is photographed for InStyle magazine.
  • June 2000
    CNN and E! visit the rehearsal studio for live footage and to interview the band.
    Return of Saturn tour commences in Dallas, Texas. Yee-haw!
  • August 4-10, 2000
    Hello, Jay! Looking smooth and sharp, No Doubt performs "Bathwater" on Leno in 1940's style clothing.
    The next night, they are back in O.C. for a show at Irvine Meadows.
    The following night, Gwen, in "the" wedding gown, and the guys perform "Simple Kind of Life at the 2000 Teen Choice Awards.
    Night off.
    Back on, the band, guys included, is photographed for Vogue magazine in conjunction with the Vogue/VH1 Fashion. (Hint: they win! Most Fashionable Video)
    Night off.
    Back on, No Doubt tapes VH1 Storytellers with special friends-Alain Johannes from Eleven and former-ND member Eric Stefani.
  • September 2, 2000
    Life is a cabaret, my friend.... "Bathwater" is the focus as the group enlists their fave video director, Sophie Muller, and choreographer Fatima (Michael Jackson), who got the band dancing in step for the tongue-in-cheek video. It takes two days (phew!), and the result: Delicious!
  • September 2000
    More interviews, tapings, shows, and other fun stuff...including...
    Band tapes voice over for King of the Hill; they play themselves plus Gwen gets to be the voice of sexy heartbreaker Vivian. Vavoom!
    Gwen, Tom and Gabrial play a secret acoustic set at the Mint, an intimate L.A. club, for 200 lucky friends and family members. Tony and Adrian put their feet up, sip drinks and cheer.
    Gwen and Moby shoot the video for "South Side," a soon to be hit that was recorded more than a year ago.
    Bon voyage! The stages of Japan and Australia await. See you in a month.
  • November 2000
    Another busy month... this time in NYC... starting with a performance of "Bathwater" at the Radio Music Awards in fun-filled Las Vegas (gambling is kept at a minimum)... followed by Gwen and Moby performing on Late Night with David Letterman, and Gwen appearing with teen heartthrob Carson Daly for TRL (and while she's at it, Top 20 Songs of All Time with David Holmes).
    After Thanksgiving weekend, busy-girl Gwen is photographed for the cover of YM!
    Appropriately, the band ends the month with another awards show-the first ever VH1 My Music Awards. "Bathwater" is the choice and Fatima is enlisted again to choreograph.
  • December 2000
    No Doubt ends 2000 with an award show (presenters at the Billboard Music Awards), performance on the tube (MTV's Fashionably Loud, selection: "Bathwater." Gwen also performs "South Side" with Moby.), and a special live performance at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in L.A.
    Return of Saturn is still on the charts (#120). It's clocked in at roughly 1.3 million sold.
    Band collectively closes eyes, breathes deep, and chills.
  • Charged and Ready to Go

2.0 Tour Info

2.1 General Information 2.2 Setlist
Name Return of Saturn Tour 2000
Tour Dates 100+
Size International
Venues Venues
Outstanding Venues

Zepp, Japan

  1. Ex-Girlfriend
  2. Sunday Morning
  3. Bathwater
  4. Different People
  5. Magic's in the Makeup
  6. Just a Girl
  7. End It On This
  8. Simple Kind of Life
  9. Artificial Sweetener
  10. New
  11. Home Now
  12. Staring Problem
  13. Don't Speak
  14. Excuse Me Mr.
  15. Spiderwebs

3.0. Photos

4.0 Releases

4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Album 
  • April 10, 2000 EU
  • April 11, 2000 USA
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts
  1. Ex-Girlfriend
  2. Simple Kind of Life
  3. Bathwater
  4. Six Feet Under
  5. Magic's In The Makeup
  6. Artificial Sweetener
  7. Marry Me
  8. New
  9. Too Late
  10. Comforting Lie
  11. Suspension Without A Suspense
  12. Staring Problem
  13. Home Now
  14. Dark Blue
Australian Albums Chart 11
Austrian Albums Chart 18
Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) 44
Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia) 45
Canadian Albums Chart 4
Dutch Albums Chart 24
Finnish Albums Chart 5
French Albums Chart 21
German Albums Chart 5
New Zealand Albums Chart 14
Norwegian Albums Chart 35
Swedish Albums Chart 7
Swiss Albums Chart 8
UK Albums Chart 31
US Billboard 200 2

4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Single
  • March 2000
  • Usa
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts


  1. "Ex-Girlfriend" 3:31
  2. "Leftovers" 4:31
  3. "Ex-Girlfriend" (CD-ROM video)


  1. "Ex-Girlfriend" 3:31
  2. "Big Distraction" 3:34
  3. "Full Circle" 3:16


  1. "Ex-Girlfriend" 3:31
  2. "Leftovers" 4:31
  3. "Full Circle" 3:16
  4. "Ex-Girlfriend" video

Netherlands/UK 2-track

  1. "Ex-Girlfriend" 3:31
  2. "Full Circle" 3:16
Australian Singles Chart 9
Canadian Singles Chart 40
Finnish Top 20 15
German Singles Chart 34
Swedish Top 60 18
Swiss Top 100 19
UK Singles Chart 23
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 2
New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart 11
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Single
  • May 2000
  • Usa
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts
American CD/cassette singles
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Full Circle" (G. Stefani/T. Kanal/T. Dumont) - 3:16
  3. "Beauty Contest" (G. Stefani/T. Kanal) - 4:14
American CD single
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
American vinyl single
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Ex-Girlfriend" (G. Stefani/T. Dumont/T. Kanal) - 3:30
German/Netherlands/Australian CD single
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Beauty Contest" (G. Stefani/T. Kanal) - 4:14
  3. "Simple Kind of Life" - acoustic live (G. Stefani) - 4:14
  4. "Simple Kind of Life" video
Netherlands/Australian/Japanese 2-track
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Beauty Contest" (G. Stefani/T. Kanal) - 4:14
Netherlands version 2
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Simple Kind of Life" video
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Ex-Girlfriend" - acoustic live (G. Stefani/T. Dumont/T. Kanal) - 3:50
  3. "Cellophane Boy" (G. Stefani, T. Dumont, T. Kanal) - 2:53
  1. "Simple Kind of Life" (G. Stefani) - 4:16
  2. "Beauty Contest" (G. Stefani/T. Kanal) - 4:14
  3. "Under Construction" (G. Stefani/T. Kanal) - 3:12
  4. "Simple Kind of Life" video
Canadian RPM Singles Chart 52
Canadian RPM Rock Chart 27
Dutch Mega Single Top 100 98
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 38
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 14
U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 18
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Mainstream 32
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Tracks 35
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Single
  • November 2000
  • Usa
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts
  1. "Bathwater" (Invincible Overlord remix)
  2. "It's My Life" (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke mix)
  3. "Bathwater" (Invincible Overlord remix) (video)
  4. "It's My Life" (video)
Australian Singles Chart 79
German Singles Chart 73
U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 39
UK Singles Chart 17
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • Moby ft Gwen Stefani
  • Single
  • December 2000
  • Usa
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts
Mute (UK)
  1. "South Side (Featuring Gwen Stefani) (Single Version)" 3:49
  2. "South Side (Featuring Gwen Stefani) (Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix)" 8:27
  3. "South Side (Album Version)" 3:48
  4. "South Side (Peter Heller Park Lane Vocal)" 8:48
  5. "Aint Never Learned" 3:47
  6. "South Side (Hybrid Dishing Pump Instrumental)" 7:54
  7. "The Sun Never Stops Setting" 4:19
  8. "South Side T-Rock" 3:25
V2 Records 1
  1. "South Side (Featuring Gwen Stefani) (Single Version)" 3:49
  2. "South Side (Featuring Gwen Stefani) (Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix)" 8:27
  3. "South Side (Album Version)" 3:48
V2 Records 2
  1. "South Side (Featuring Gwen Stefani) (Edit)" 3:25
  2. "South Side (Album Version)" 3:48
Canada (Nielsen SoundScan) 3
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 14
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play 16
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 3

5.0. Videos


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