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No Doubt 30

No Doubt Formed in Dec. 1986. They had there first official show on March  14, 1987. Now 25 Year later in 2012. We reflect on 25 Year No Doubt. This No Doubt Special was Launched on March 14th, 2012. Enjoy!

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  • 1.0 Year Recap
  • 2.0 Tour Info
  • 2.1 General Information
  • 2.2 Setlist
  • 3.0 Photos
  • 4.0 Releases
  • 4.1 Cover
  • 4.2 Info
  • 4.3 Released
  • 4.4 Tracklist
  • 4.5 Charts
  • 4.6 Additional Info
  • 5.0 Videos

1.0 Year Recap

  • January 2001
    When the mood is right, strike. Feeling good about Return, No Doubt cozy up to the writing process. Much time is spent recording demos in Tom's living room (most of which make it to the upcoming album).
  • February 2001
    When the material is there, why not?! Feeling good about their initial writing efforts, No Doubt check into a recording studio with hip-hop producers the Neptunes.
    In late February, the band attends the Grammys in honor of Return of Saturn, which was nominated for Rock Album of the Year. Although they didn't win, it was fun, fun, fun.
  • March 2001
    Yo! What up. We're hangin' at Adrian's Crib outside the L.B. (that's Long Beach) for a taping of MTV Cribs. Also chillin' are the drummer's wife, bandmates, friends at large, and numerous drunken clowns (you should see the raw juggling footage!).
    Admitting that they have recorded some good and not so good reggae, the excited band members head to Jamaica to record four songs with two legendary drum and bass/dancehall musicians/producers duos: Sly and Robbie (Black Uhuru, Jimmy Cliff, Grace Jones), and Steelie and Cleevie (Yellowman, Shabba Ranks, Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas).
  • April 14, 2001
    A dynamic duo of forceful females. Gwen takes the SNL stage with Eve for a performance of the rap singer's track "Let Me Blow Ya Mind." Gwen and Eve recorded the sure-fire hit in March.
  • May 14, 2001
    Adrian tapes an episode of Rock 'N' Roll Jeopardy. Although he's no Mark McGrath rock trivia expert, he scored some cash for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.
  • June 2001
    Back to business. The band is feeling the groove... lots of different grooves. The group heads into the studio first with Nellee Hooper (Madonna, Bjork, etc.), and the then later in the month with Timbalind (Missy Elliott, Aaliyah). Regarding the sound taking shape, Tom said: "This is going to be the most adventurous and eclectic No Doubt album yet. So far it sounds like a heavy synthed-out dub dancehall disco party."
    In between producers and recording sessions, Gwen performs with Eve at the 1st Annual BET Awards and tapes an episode of Top of the Pops with the rapper.
  • July 2001
    New Wave '80s love: No Doubt enters studio with Ric Ocasek from the Cars.
    The wedding: horn master Gabrial McNair marries his long-time girlfriend in Oslo, Norway.
  • Ready, Steady...Rock
  • August 12, 2001
    Gwen and Eve at it again - this time performing at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards.
  • August 2001
    It's all in the name... and Rock Steady is it - the new album. "It was an easy decision," Adrian said. "We rock...." Tom interjects, "And we are steady as...." "Seriously," interrupts Tony, "the album has an old-school, early '80s-underground, dance hall-meets-New Wave-pop feel, and for us, 'Rock Steady' captures that universal vibe."
    Cheers! No Doubt is drinking tea English style while recording the title track to their new album and mixing Rock Steady with Mark "Spike" Stent (Madonna, Bjork, Oasis, Massive Attack). Loving life in London, the band has moved into a five bedroom house, gone to see a few shows, searched high-and-low for decent Mexican food, got a ticket in a car Adrian drives on the wrong side of the road, played many a game of tennis in the rain, and had a toilet explode on Adrian and Tony the first night in their flat.
  • September 6, 2001
    MTV Video Music Awards: Gwen presents an award and the collaborating singer accepts awards with Moby for "South Side" (Best Male Video) and Eve for "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" (Best Female Video). Band cheers her on.
  • September 21, 2001
    An all-star version of the Marvin Gaye classic "What's Going On" is released to radio and MTV. Recorded over several days in early September in New York, the track features Gwen, Bono, Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Wyclef, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Fred Durst, among others. Originally intended for release on December 1, 2001, World AIDS Day, the song was released early to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks. The five mix CD contributed proceeds to United Way's September 11th Fund and Artists Against AIDS.
  • September 25, 2001
    No Doubt goes disco in a remake of Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby" for the soundtrack of Zoolander, starring Ben Stiller as a model!
  • October 2001
    Front-page news. Blender names Gwen one of the 50 Sexiest Artists of All Time." The singer makes the cover and, at Number 20, she's sandwiched between Jim Morrison and Shania Twain (sweet!) inside.
    Gwen also makes the cover of Vanity Fair for their music issue. She joins company with Beck, Chris Cornell, Maxwell, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and several other notable musicians.
  • In The Name of Rock
  • October 15-17, 2001
    Band is absolutely, 100% thrilled with first single choice, "Hey Baby," from the 12-song Rock Steady. The album's artwork had been inspired by the work of artist Steven Sprouse, which in turn inspired the "Hey Baby" video - shot in L.A by director Dave Meyers. The song was recorded and mixed in L.A. and Jamaica.
  • October 25-26, 2001
    "Hey Baby" can be heard on L.A. radio!!!
    U2 and No Doubt on tour! Let the fun begin.
    Day one is in New York at Madison Square Garden! "It was like playing to a city in mourning," says Gwen. "By the end of the concert, everyone was crying."
    Day two: Free show! Free Show! No Doubt plays a, you guessed it, free show in NYC for their fans on their first day off. More tears are shed.
  • November 6-7, 2001
    "Hey Baby" is the focus of MTV's Making The Video, a must see. The following day it premieres on MTV.
  • November 20, 2001
    Now you can remix a No Doubt song! "Ex-Girlfriend" is set to appear in the new Sony PlayStation 2 game, Frequency, where addictive gamers can also be musical mixing masterminds. Adrian loves games and even has a KISS pinball machine.
  • November 25, 2001
    ND says "bye" to U2 (tour) Playing with U2 was "like playing with the soundtrack to our lives - from high-school through college," Gwen gushes.
  • December 1-4, 2001
    Gwen has been named CosmoGirl of the Year by the fashionable teen magazine.
    Gwen is honored with the My Favorite Female Artist Award from 2001 My VH1 Music Awards. She is one of many honored (including Bono, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera) for the There's No "I" in Team (Best Collaboration) Award for her participation in the song "What's Going On."
    No Doubt perform "Hey Baby" on the Billboard Music Awards show.
    No Doubt play at Carlsbad High School near San Diego, Calif. The surprise performance airs on MTV special "Jammed" starting January 14.
  • December 11, 2001
    Easy to wrap and give, Rock Steady debuts in the Top 10 on the Album Sales charts.
    The band signs their new album and performs at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. Way to celebrate!
  • December 15, 2001
    No Doubt play LIVE on Saturday Night LIVE! "Hey Baby" is the last song performed by No Doubt in 2001.

2.0 Tour Info

2.1 General Information 2.2 Setlist
Name Rock Steady Tour 2001/2002
Tour Dates 19
Size National
Venues Venues / Arena
Outstanding Venues

Madison Square Garden Arena, NY

  1. Spiderwebs
  2. Bathwater
  3. Ex-Girlfriend
  4. Simple Kind of Life
  5. New
  6. Hey Baby
  7. Dont Speak
  8. Hella Good
  9. Just a Girl
  10. Sunday Morning

3.0 Photos

4.0 Releases

4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Album
  • December 10, 2001 EU
  • December 11, 2000 USA
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts
  1. Rock Steady (Intro)
  2. Hella Good
  3. Hey Baby
  4. Making Out
  5. Underneath It All
  6. Detective
  7. Don't Let Me Down
  8. Start the Fire
  9. Running
  10. In My Head
  11. Platinum Blonde Life
  12. Waiting Room
  13. Rock Steady
Australian Albums Chart 15
Austrian Albums Chart 12
Canadian Albums Chart 21
Dutch Albums Chart 66
Finnish Albums Chart 34
French Albums Chart 79
German Albums Chart 13
Hungarian Albums Chart 30
Irish Albums Chart 53
New Zealand Albums Chart 17
Norwegian Albums Chart 8
Swedish Albums Chart 52
Swiss Albums Chart 33
UK Albums Chart 43
US Billboard 200 9
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Single
  • December 2001
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts
Australian/European CD maxi single
  1. "Hey Baby" featuring Bounty Killer
  2. "Hey Baby" - "The Homeboy Mix"
  3. "Ex-Girlfriend" - "The Psycho Ex Mix"
  4. "Hey Baby" video
British CD maxi single
  1. "Hey Baby" featuring Bounty Killer
  2. "Hey Baby" (Fabian remix)
  3. "Ex-Girlfriend" (Philip Steir remix)
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Mainstream 1
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Tracks 2
U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 10
Australian Singles Chart 7
Austrian Singles Chart 12
Dutch Top 40 13
French Singles Char 47
German Singles Chart 8
Italian Singles Chart 11
New Zealand Singles Chart 2
Norwegian Singles Chart 3
Swedish Singles Chart 17
Swiss Singles Chart 11
Romanian Singles Chart 3
UK Singles Chart 2
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 5
U.S. Billboard Pop 100 1
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • Eve ft Gwen Stefani
  • Single
  • August 2001
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts

CD: 1

  1. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" (featuring Gwen Stefani)
  2. "Who's That Girl? (C.I.A.S. Remix)
  3. "Ain't Got No Dough" (featuring Missy Elliott)
  4. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" (featuring Gwen Stefani) (video)

CD: 2

  1. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" (featuring Gwen Stefani)
  2. "Who's That Girl" (Akhenaton remix)
  3. "Gotta Man"
  4. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind (featuring Gwen Stefani) (video)
Australian Singles Chart 4
Austrian Singles Chart 6
Billboard Eurochart Hot 100 Singles 1
Canadian Singles Chart 29
Danish Singles Chart 3
Finnish Singles Chart 19
French Singles Chart 15
Dutch Mega Single Top 100 2
New Zealand Singles Chart 7
Swedish Singles Chart 6
Swiss Singles Chart 1
UK Singles Chart 4
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 2
U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks 6
U.S. Billboard Hot Rap Singles 10
U.S. Billboard Latin Pop Airplay 30
U.S. Billboard Latin Tropical/Salsa Airplay 20
U.S. Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 1
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Mainstream 1
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Tracks 1
4.1 Cover4.2 Info4.3 Released
  • All Stars
  • What`s Going On
  • Single
  • October 2001
4.4 Tracklist4.5 Charts4.6 Additional Info
US maxi
  1. "What's Going On" (Dupri Original Mix)  4:20
  2. "What's Going On" (The London Version)  3:57
  3. "What's Going On" (Moby's Version)  4:38
  4. "What's Going On" (Fred Durst's Reality Check Mix)  5:16
  5. "What's Going On" (Mangini/Pop Rox Mix)  5:50
  6. "What's Going On" (Mick Guzauski's Pop Mix)  4:09
  7. "What's Going On" (Dupri R&B Mix)  4:45
  8. "What's Going On" (The Neptunes This One's for You Mix)  5:00
  9. "What's Going On" (Junior Vasquez's Club Mix)  9:34
US vinyl maxi
  1. "What's Going On" (MK Mix)  6:52
  2. "What's Going On" (The London Version)  3:57
  3. "What's Going On" (MK Kitchen-Aid Dub)  6:27
  4. "What's Going On" (Dupri Alternate Extended Mix)  4:46
USA Billboard Hot 100 27
USA Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs 76
UK Singles Chart 6
  • Britney Spears
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Bono (producer)
  • Sean Combs
  • Destiny's Child
  • Jermaine Dupri (producer)
  • Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit
  • Eve
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Nona Gaye
  • Darren Hayes
  • Wyclef Jean
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Alicia Keys
  • Aaron Lewis of Staind
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Nas
  • Ja Rule
  • Nelly
  • *NSYNC
  • Michael Stipe of R.E.M.
  • Usher
  • Chris Martin (London Version)
  • The Edge (London Version)
  • Elijah Blue (Reality Check Mix)
  • Perry Farrell (Reality Check Mix)
  • Scott Weiland (Reality Check Mix)
  • Wes Scantlin (Reality Check Mix)
  • Monica (Dupri R&B Mix)
  • Lil Kim (Dupri R&B Mix)
  • Jagged Edge (Dupri R&B Mix)
  • TLC (Dupri R&B MIx)
  • Faith Evans (Neptunes Mix)
  • Angie Martinez (Neptunes Mix)
  • Da Brat (Neptunes Mix)
  • Fabolous (Neptunes Mix)
  • LL Cool J (Neptunes Mix)
  • Mobb Deep (Neptunes Mix)
  • Noreaga (Neptunes Mix)
  • Queen Latifah (Neptunes Mix)
  • Royce Da 5'9" (Neptunes Mix)
  • Sonja Blade (Neptunes Mix)

5.0 Videos


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