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Gwenabee Guide

Here you can learn how to create a Gwen Stefani look. This section does contain instruction videos....on how to do it.


Taken from : http://www.wikihow.com/Look-Like-Gwen-Stefani

Gwen circa 1992

  1. Wear bright red lipstick, but keep the rest of your makeup very light and natural.
  2. Wear your hair down to the centre of your back. Dye it a dirty blonde colour, if possible.
  3. Wear things like baggy pants with colourful, tiny tops.

 Gwen circa 1997

  1. Buy plenty of bright red lipstick and black smoke eyeshadow.
  2. Wear two coats of black mascara.
  3. Buy heaps of funky bindis.
  4. Hair was to the shoulder blades, with short, blunt bangs, and platinum blonde.
  5. Wear shirts that show off your abs and short dresses.
  6. Use a lot of Sparkles. In your hair, on your face, and anywhere else.

Tomboy Gwen, circa 2000

  1. Dye your hair blonde or pink, and get a kind of feathered hairstyle.
  2. Use bright red lipstick, and make your eyebrows very thin.
  3. Stick to bright, bold colors.
  4. Wear cargo capri pants with kitten heels or sneakers.
  5. Wear boxer shorts that stick out the top of your pants.

Harajuku Gwen

  1. Let your hair down.
  2. Wear high heels more often than not.
  3. Move towards more soft, feminine colors. Look for sparkles and stripes as well.
  4. Draw ideas from Harajuku style, adding a glamorous, urban twist.


  • Gwen Stefani has always worn makeup generously.
  • Buy clothes from Gwen Stefani's fashion line, L.A.M.B.
  • Make your own kind of style like hers but not hers, her #1 fashion rule is to be yourself.
  • Keep your fingernails long and glamorous, with pretty dark nail polish.


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