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Album Collection

Gwen Stefani Dreamcar Comp.
Billboard #1 #3 #5 #16 #115
thesweetescape lambcover
Name This Is What the Truth Feels Like (2016) The Sweet Escape (2006) Love Angel Music Baby (2004) You Make It Feel Like Christmas (2017) Dreamcar (2017)
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No Doubt
Billboard #1 #2 #3 #9
Cover nd3 ros p scoversmall rocksteady cover nd2 nd New Album (?)
Name Tragic Kingdom (1995) Return of Saturn (2000) Push & Shove (2012) Rock Steady (2001) Beacon Street Collection (1995) No Doubt (1992)
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1.1 Cover 1.2 Info 1.3 Released
  • No Doubt
  • Return of Saturn
  • April 11, 2000
1.4 Tracklist 1.5 Charts 1.6 Certifications
1. "Ex-Girlfriend"  
2. "Simple Kind of Life"  
3. "Bathwater"  
4. "Six Feet Under"  
5. "Magic's in the Makeup"  
6. "Artificial Sweetener"  
7. "Marry Me"  
8. "New"  
9. "Too Late"  
10. "Comforting Lie"  
11. "Suspension Without Suspense"  
12. "Staring Problem"  
13. "Home Now"  
14. "Dark Blue"  
Australian Albums Chart 11
Austrian Albums Chart 18
Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) 44
Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia) 45
Canadian Albums Chart 4
Dutch Albums Chart 24
Finnish Albums Chart 5
French Albums Chart 21
German Albums Chart 5
New Zealand Albums Chart 14
Norwegian Albums Chart 35
Swedish Albums Chart 7
Swiss Albums Chart 8
UK Albums Chart 31
US Billboard 200 2
Canada Platinum
United States Platinum
1.7 Credits
No Doubt
  • Tom Dumont guitar
  • Tony Kanal bass
  • Gwen Stefani vocals
  • Adrian Young percussion, drums
  • Stephen Bradley trombone, trumpet, keyboard
  • Mike Garson piano
  • Gabrial McNair synthesizer, piano, trombone, keyboard
  • Theo Mondle tabla
  • Production: No Doubt, Glen Ballard, Jerry Harrison, Matthew Wilder
  • Engineering: Sean Beavan, Scott Campbell, Bryan Carrigan, Karl Derfler, Alain Johannes, Thom Panunzio
  • Mixing: Jack Joseph Puig
  • Mastering: Bob Ludwig
  • A&R: Tom Whalley
  • Synthesizer programming: Michael Boddicker, Bryan Carrigan, Gabrial McNair
  • String arrangements: Paul Buckmaster
  • Horn arrangements: Gabrial McNair

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No Doubt & Gwen Stefani Song Details

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No Doubt

"No Doubt"
November 10, 2017
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Gwen Stefani

"You Make It Feel Like Christmas"
October 6, 2017
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Album Bundles (Sep 2017)
"This is What the Truth Feels Like"
March 18, 2016

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Used to Love You
Make Me Like You


May 12, 2017
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Stephen Bradley

July 14, 2015

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Search for Lost Tape 1989

My friend Tazy Phillipz from Ska Parade. Ask me to post a message in search for old footage of No Doubt. Regarding his appearance init.

The footage that he is looking is this:

  • KDOV-TV - Los Angeles TV
  • Show: Request Video
  • Airdate: Tue, Nov 14, 1989
  • Appearance: 4 Ska Acts - Gwen Stefani & Tony Kanal (No Doubt)

He can be contacted with his facebook page. Tazy Phillipz

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Recent Released

Artist: No Doubt
Album: "No Doubt"
Sort: Vinyl
Released: November 10, 2017
Album: Soundtrack "Severed Like a Girl"
Released: November 3, 2017

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Artist: Gwen Stefani
Album: "You Make It Feel Like Christmas"
Released: October 6, 2017
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Artist: Gwen Stefani
Single: "You Make Feel Like Christmas"
Released: September 2017
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Releases Overview
Album "This Is What the Truth Feels Like"
March 18, 2016
Artist: Gwen Stefani
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