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GWEN STEFANI Side Projects
L.A.M.B Harajuku Lovers Gx Urban Decay Design with Purpose Opi Anaheim Hillbillies Revlon
Fashionline Fashionline Fashionline Fashionline
Fragrance Fragrance Cosmetics

Harajuku Mini
Shoes Shoes Shoes
Hand Bags Hand Bags
Eye Glasses Cartoon Eye Glasses Lipstick Nail Polish


  • Kuu-Kuu Harajuku
  • Mattel Dolls
  • Launched 2017
  • Kuu-Kuu Harajuku
  • Cartoon
  • Launched 2015
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Fashion Line
  • Lauched 2006
  • Harajuku Mini
  • Fashion Line
  • Lauched 2013
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Fragrance
  • Launched 2008
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Hand Bags
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Watch
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Shoes
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Necklace
  • Harajuku Lovers
  • Limited Red Hot! Collection
  • Chocolate
  • Benefit American Red Cross
  • Limited Time 2016


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