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20 Anniversary NDIFC l MWOND

20th Anniversary NDIFC l MWOND
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10th Anniversary Magical World of No Doubt
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10 Year Magical World of No Doubt



In 2019 is the 10th Anniversary of Magical World of No Doubt. It started as spinoff from the original No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub. The NDIFC lost it rights as fanclub in 2009. 

The site changed to a php site in 2010.

As the site grew up. It became more succesfull.

The visitors were more then in the time of NDIFC. It went from 50 visits a day to 300 visits a day. In the most succesfull year it had nearly 200.000 visitors in 1 calender year. The visitors stats were reset in April 2007. In January 2014 we reached the 500.000 visitors in total. 


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