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20 Anniversary NDIFC l MWOND

20th Anniversary NDIFC l MWOND
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10th Anniversary Magical World of No Doubt
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10 Year Magical World of No Doubt




February 7th
This is a very sad day in the history of the NDIFC.
We just got the news that four months ago, our friend and staff member (NDIFC Malaysia) sadly passed away only 23(or 22) years old..

Shasha Farina Shafie

Site problems. We placed much updates afterwards. Witch also reached the news section.

May 10th
Site returned on the web. After some problems happened.

May 21st
NDIFC Office closes until June 1st.

No meet and greats were given at the Singles tour 2004.

Call for NDIFC members to respond....if listed on that moment published list.

NDIFC Staff 2004
President - Patrick Larsen
Vice President - Brandon Griggs
Webmaster - Mariette Hardeman


February 28th
As promised we have moved ndifc.com to a new host, and this time it's a permanent move. We will now be able to begin hosting more content on the website including videos! We will also no longer have "bandwidth exceeded" errors on the page towards the end of the month. The only downside to this move is that the site has been down temporarily. In the process of moving all of our website and email addresses to the new server any emails that were submitted while the site was down likely came back to you undelivered. Our apologies for that, but if you resend those messages we will respond to them as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

In March the NDIFC site was focused the 10th Anniversary of No Doubt`s Beacon Street Collection. Witch released in March 1995. As the CD Booked says. This was the 1st time that the Logo and site was a CD theme from a No Doubt cd.

Gwen Stefani reached #1 in the Billboards with the song "Hollaback Girl". We stayed there for 4 weeks. The song was feat. with Pharrel.

Mariah Carey pulled Gwen Stefani from number #1 with "We below together". Wich was the Biuggest Billboard song that year. Staying weeks in number #1.

The 1st NDIFC Awards were launched. The NDIFC Awards were announced on June 1st. The Awards were given in 6th catogories.

The Pussycat Dolls breaktrough over the whole world. The Pussycat Dolls danced in the background from "Bathwater"video. Gwen helped the Girls to breaktrough and make name as a group. After invited someone from the Label.

The webmaster was from July to August. 2 weeks on vacation. So in that time were no updates done on the site.

No Doubt`s breaktrhough album "Tragic Kingdom" cellebrated that month it`s 10th Anniversary.

NDIFC Staff 2005
President - Patrick Larsen
Vice President - Brandon Griggs
Webmaster - Mariette Hardeman


January 26th
Patrick Larsen stepped down as president and Brandon Griss took over the prosition as president.

Preparations were happenening as No Doubt 20th anniversary were heading in 2007.

The 2nd NDIFC Awards were published. Once again with 6th catagories.

The Webmaster went on vacation.

News was published about a the Tragic Kingdomn magzzine.

NDIFC Staff 2006
President - Brandon Griggs
Webmaster - Mariette Hardeman


No Doubt celebrates their 20th Anniversary. Since Janaury this site dedecated a logo to that anniversary.

April 1st
Trouble between at the that moment President Brandon Griggs and former President Patrick Larsen. Causes the website to went offline. In the mainwhile on the official site...the respond with not being happy that the Fanclub is offline. Soon aftre the Fanclub transfers to another url and started up again. Moving the website to www.ndifc.com to www.ndifc.net . Former Parick Larsen get back on his former position as President. After sendeth an apologize to No Doubt. Things were back to normal.

April 17th
After years of waiting the cover the Tragic Kingdom 10th Issue finally released. The last Issue was released back in 2005. So stakes are now high to release the 10th magazine.

NDIFC Staff 2007
President - Patrick Larsen
Webmaster - Mariette Hardeman


10 year passed since we started. With up and downs...we still standing. We supported by No Doubt and supporting the No Doubt fans all over the world.

NDIFC Staff 2008
President - Patrick Larsen
Webmaster - Mariette Hardeman


Magical World of No Doubt

This year the site kind  a stayed most of the year. Less updated then usual. But still it got the updates it needed. Most of the updates contains news over No Doubt on tour. Witch No Doubt was that summer. 

One of the biggest change was that  No Doubt int. Fanclub (NDIFC). changed to Magical World of No Doubt. This happened because No Doubt didn`t want a 3rd party as fanclub. They wanted that do it all by themself. 


No Doubt & Gwen Stefani Song Details

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