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Site History

This section contains a detailed story about the site.

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2001 - 2003


An epic year for the NDIFC. In this year a lot happend.

The `New Site` does gets green light. To create. The start of that process, was good founded. But little problems showeup during creating it. Erik devotted all his time creating it. Due the couple of years, that site exists. It became a hugh site. So for Erik it took a lot of time, redesigning it.

July 9th
The `New Site` was launged. Far from finished. The site had a dynamic menu witch was not able to load on every computer. Witch was our goal. Fans had criticm about the site. The site was sometimes updated.

Erik left the NDIFC Staff. Due problems. President Patrick took the job back over from Erik and he placed the old site back.

The months after October, the NDIFC site does got daily updates.

No Doubt`s fifth album released called Rock Steady. The whole engine of meda stuff was started again and No Doubt started touring again. No Doubt did an tour with U2. Bono listened to Rock Steady before it`s released so that was a big deal for No Doubt.


A really good year for the NDIFC. The NDIFC moved on.

This is how Vice-President Brandon Griggs look back to 2002 : 2002 was a great year. It was almost like a rebirth for No Doubt. They were able to embark on a big stadium tour for the first time since the Tragic Kingdom tour of 1997. No Doubt got to perform at the Superbowl pregame show in 2002, Gwen won a Grammy with Eve in 2002, so it was a busy year.

Along that NDIFC moved on, for No Doubt it was also an amazing year.

No Doubt`s first single from Rock Steady called Hey Baby, entered the United Kingdom chart at number #2.

The NDIFC got a new Webmaster called Mariette Hardeman (me). The website got within a short period a lot of updates and the site gets in a revolution. The site growed in size very fast. Many photos/mpg videos got placed in a short period.

A new logo got placed on the site.

Fall 2002
The site, easy captured lots of things that happend. This succesfull year for No Doubt did has to result lots of updates on site. The charts section for excemble was devaloped so good, that lots of current chart positions were capured on the site.

In No Doubt ways, was the fall of 2002 amazing !!! No Doubt played for their second time in their carreer in Arena`s again. The first time was during the Tragic Kingdom Tour in 1997. The 3rd single from Rock Steady (Underneath it All) did it beyond imaging in the Billboard charts. Underneath it All became No Doubt second Top 3 hit in America with reaching the number #3 spot in November. Mainwhile it was also America most played song on the radio for 2 weeks.


The NDIFC existing 5 year !!!

Hopefully will release the new Tragic Kingdom magazine soon.

Because the NDIFC exists 5 year, we as NDIFC have some cool stuff came out. There`s even a new Flash section launched, as memory of our 5 year we have behind us. Also the website have a fresh new logo as you can see. It`s the brightest logo todate.

No Doubt will perform later this month at the superbowl in America. Witch is the most watched tv show on the American television.

We as NDIFC do our best, to make our fans happy.

In the summer we presented a CD-Cover contest for the then upcoming Gwen solo debut called L.A.M.B. . The contest was a HUGH succes. 100 fans sendeth there covers. In a timespam of a month.


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