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#117 Sixteen
Created on, 16:15, Fri, Aug 20
Updated on, 18:17, Fri, Sep 21

You can see here details from songs from No Doubt.

Song Details
Released on
Tragic Kingdom

Written by
G. Stefani, T. Kanal

Produced by
Matthew Wilder

Recorded by
Phil Kaffel

Mixed by
Holman & Paul Palmer at Catus Studios

Mastered by
Robert Vosgein at CMS Digital, Pasadena

Recorded in these studios
Totall Access Studios, The Record Plant, Santa Monica Sound, NRG Studios, Rumbo Recorders, Mars Recordings, Studio 4, Grandmaster, Clear Lake Audio, Red Zone Studios or North Vine Studios in California

All Songs 1995 Knock Yourself Out Music, ASCAP

Recorded in or between
Spring 1993 and Spring 1995

Other Details

Chart Performance
USA - Billboard Hot 100

Australia - Aria

UK - Dotmusic

Germany - Media Control

MWOND Pod Cast Rank

Song Lyrics
One, two, three, four You've been a juvenile With a dolphin smile With no elbow room With your body in bloom You've had your little backyard Protected by big walls You didn't dare look over 'Cause you've been too small Now you're finally sixteen And you're feeling old But they, they won't believe That you've got a soul, no, no, oh 'Cause you're only sixteen And you're keeping it real But you, you can't seem to Cop a feel, no, no, oh Why do they have force us? Through the metamorphose Little butterfly No matter how you try You'll be segregated You're gonna be closed off You're callow and you're green 'Cause you're caught between And you're only sixteen Try to cross the line But your, your little wings are Intertwined, oh whoa, no, oh And you're only sixteen And you're such a tease And there's nothing you do That can really please, whoa, oh no These children They're not really bad most of them Just products of rotten neighborhoods And bad family situations You know you can't forsake it So sit back and take it You see, you're not just ripe So now don't try and fight That you're only sixteen Wanna catch a peek But they, they look at you Like you're such a freak, oh, whoa no Well you're only sixteen With a lot to say But they, they won't give you The time of day, whoa, whoa no Well you're only sixteen (You're only sixteen) Well you're only sixteen (You're only sixteen) Well you're just sixteen (You're only sixteen) You poor little thing


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