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Underneath it All (Live)

#148 Underneath it All (Live)
Created on, 04:50, Sat, Aug 21
Updated on, 04:50, Sat, Aug 21

You can see here details from songs from No Doubt.

Song Details
Released on
Running single / Rock Steady Live DVD

Written by
G. Stefani, D. Stewart

Produced by
No Doubt, Guy Charbonneau, Charlie Bouis

Recorded by
"Le Mobile" Remote Recording Studio

Mixed by
Guy Charbonneau, Charlie Bouis

Mastered by

Recorded in these studios
Long Beach Arena, California

All Songs 2001, World of the Dophin Music, Universal Music Corporation, ASCAP

Recorded in or between
November 22nd, 2002

Other Details
Engineered : Guy Charbonneau, Charlie Bouis

Chart Performance
USA - Billboard Hot 100

Australia - Aria

UK - Dotmusic

Germany - Media Control

MWOND Pod Cast Rank

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