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Everything`s Wrong

#40 Everything`s Wrong
Created on, 15:11, Fri, Aug 6
Updated on, 10:43, Tue, Feb 21

You can see here details from songs from No Doubt.

Song Details
Released on
Ska Ville Vol. 3 / Ska Face

Written by
E. Stefani, J. Rosa

Produced by
Shane Rie`s

Recorded by
Max Sound, Long Beach, CA

Mixed by
Gary La Duke

Mastered by

Recorded in these studios

No Doubt, c/o Chriss Webb, 1155 N, Arbor Street, Anaheim, CA 92801 All Songs 1988 Moon Records, Skank Records

Recorded in or between
1987 or 1988

Other Details
The First official release of a No Doubt song on Vinyl LP and later rereleased on CD. There`s a 1/4 inch production master from Everything`s Wrong witch contains the date : March 25th, 1988. It`s probally the date of release of that production master.

Chart Performance
USA - Billboard Hot 100

Australia - Aria

UK - Dotmusic

Germany - Media Control

MWOND Pod Cast Rank

Song Lyrics


No Doubt & Gwen Stefani Song Details

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