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About Magical World of No Doubt

You can read here an explanation about the Magical World of No Doubt.

About Magical World of No Doubt

We started at as Swedish Fanclub in 1998. The first No Doubt fanclub that was launched. By June of that year. We became the No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub. As known as NDIFC. Witch we use as alt. name.

The orginal site design was created  by Karin Johansson. She created a blue theme. Witch marked our first years on the world wide web. The fanclub staff by then was Brandon Griggs - Vice President and President Patrick Larsen. 

As fanclub released 9 issues of Tragic Kingdom Magazine todate. The last issue covered No Doubt`s Rock Steady tour. Witch backstage reports and all sort of other information.

We as NDIFC were invited to the studio even to be with recording and creating of No Doubt`s fourth album "Return of Saturn". This event can be found found back in the Tragic Kingdom Magazine. 

As fanclub were try to move forward and in 2001. We tryed a new design for the site. But it failed and the old site returned. The former webmaster at that time was fired. Making a shift in fanclub staff. Running without a webmaster. The site didn`t got the updates it needed. 

As the spring of 2002 unfolded. A new webmaster was introduced. The site grew a lot in that year. It was expanded with new parts. The site got since that time a steady mounth of updates and care.

In 2005 the president stepped down. Vice President Brandon took over the president post. In April 2007 it went out proportion and Brandon left the Fanclub and President Patrick went back to it`s president spot. This also conluded in a shift in url. The fanclub moved in those days from our .com to .net .

The Magical of World of No Doubt - is created in 2009. It`s a spinoff of the old NDIFC. But it won`t deal with fanclub things. It`s just a site that is very professional and owned by webmaster that was introduced in 2002. So it has all the good things from the orginal site. Just brought to you in a differnet way.

A totally new site was created for The Magical World of No Doubt. this site moved away from the old html databae and introduced a php site. This caused an increase of visitors. This site has dubbled the number of visitors. Witch were very proud of.

Check out this url to revisit the old fanclub site. Which is updated with now days information.


What means: Magical World of No Doubt

  • Magical - An expression of how No Doubt feels in my interpertation. It can be linked to "Magical Kingdom" which is Disneyland in Anaheim. A theme park in Anaheim. No Doubt is rooted there. The "Magical Kingdom" was an inspiration for No Doubt`s 3rd album called "Tragic Kingdom". An No Doubt also have the word Magic init and is called "Magic`s in the Makeup".
  • World - World means a hugh area where many people lifes and communicate and relate with each other.
  • of - This links the Magical World to No Doubt.
  • No Doubt - An anaheim band which started in 1986 and became famous over the world in 1997 with their song "Don`t Speak". A band we`ll LOVE.


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