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No Doubt 30

No Doubt Formed in Dec. 1986. They had there first official show on March  14, 1987. Now 25 Year later in 2012. We reflect on 25 Year No Doubt. This No Doubt Special was Launched on March 14th, 2012. Enjoy!
Welcome l 30 Year No Doubt Recap l Credits
Gwen l Tom l Tony l Adrian l Stephen l Gabe l Eric l John
OC l JAG l Fender l Look & Feel l Appearance
1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 2006 2010 2014
1987 1991 1995 1999 2003 2007 2011 2015
1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016
1989 1993 1997 2001 2005 2009 2013 2017

Look & Feel

  • 1.0 Inspiration
  • 1.1 3rd Wave Ska
  • 2.0 Coverbands
  • 3.0 Websites
  • 3.1 Bandmembers Sites
  • 3.2 Side Pojects Sites
  • 3.3 Fan sites
  • 3.4 Charitable Organizations
  • 4.0 Artwork
  • 5.0 Logos

1.0 Inspiration

During the 80`s was Ska big in the United Kingdom. Bands like Madness, Selecter and more were high in the charts. Songs like "Baggy Trousers", "One Step Beyond", ur House" dominated the charts.

1.1 3rd Wave Ska

No Doubt became part of the 3rd wave Ska. No Doubt played in the early years. Covers from Madness and other ska bands. No Doubt mixed Ska with other music styles. But Ska is No Doubt root music.

2.0 Coverbands

As No Doubt became famous around the world. It became an inspitaion to other bands. One of the most famous cover bands is "No Duh". This band is liked by No Doubt. They are a repeacted cover band. 

3.0 Websites

When No Doubt became famous artound the world. Internet was growing. The official No Doubt site had been around as early as 1996. Back then it was in "Tragic Kingdom" design. As the years went by. A lot of fan sites were build. A famous fansite back in the day was "Doghouse". Sadly this site stopped. Now days...weve good sites like "Beacon Street Online" and "Everthing in Time" along with many others. Fans also come together in the official No Doubt forum. Which is a heavied visited place for No Doubt fans.

As time went by. No Doubt started using communicating more by the world wide web. Back in 1998...Tom Dumont posted the latest news on the site. In recent years. No Doubt started using Twitter. Now days....they reply on @nodoubt. With the latest news. This became an offical No Doubt news source. 

The bandmembers gotten over the years. Their own websites. Also their side projects gotten own websites. This resulted in many official websites. Regarding their own source.

3.1 Bandmembers Sites

3.3 Fan Sites 3.4 Charitable Organizations
  • Surfrider - No Doubt is on "Music for Our Mother Ocean" with "Sailin On "
  • Heal The Bay - To Potect the California Coast
3.2 Side Pojects Sites

4.0 Artwork

This the Cover of No Doubt`s Self Titled Debut from 1992

This is the cover of "The Beacon Street Collection" which released in 1995

This is the cover of "Tragic Kingdom" which released also in 1995

This is the cover of "Return of Saturn" which released in 2000

This is the cover of "Rock Steady" which released in 2001
This is the cover of "Push and Shove" which released in 2012

This is the cover of "Love Angel Music Baby" which released in 2004

This is the cover of "The Sweet Escape" which released in 2006

This is the cover of "This Is What The Truth Feels Like" which released in 2016

This is the cover of "Dreamcar" Self Titled Debut. Which is side project from Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young with a different vocalist called Davey Hovak. It`s released in 2017
This is the cover of "This Is You Make It Feel Like Christmas" which released in 2017

This is the cover of "No Doubt" 25th Anniversary Vinyl which released in 2017

This is the ORGINAL Logo Design. Not the cd cover version. Which is to much changed due cd cover size.

Eric Stefani Worked on this in 2017.

5.0 Logos

This logo was used during the "Return of Saturn" period in 2000.

This No Doubt sign was used during the "Tragic Kingdom" period in 1997.

This Logo is from No Doubt debut album in 1992. The cd contains this logo.

This logo is from 2009 and used on the No Doubt singles collection called "Icon".

This logo is from 2003/2004 and used the "Everything in Time" album.

This logo is used in 1992. It is in the booked from No Doubt`s debut.

This logo is the No Doubt Flame. It`s used in 1997.

This is the cover of No Doubt`s self titled Debut. This is the most iconic No Doubt logo. This used to date.
This logo was used during the "Rock Steady" period in 2002.


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