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Site History

This section contains a detailed story about the site.

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1998 - 2000
The NDIFC is born. During that it called Swedisch Fanclub. Thanks to President Patrick Larsen, who created the Fanclub.

Brandon Griggs started helping the NDIFC.

The Swedisch Fanclub was changed into No Doubt International Fanclub.

The webdesigner Karin Johansson helped Patrick Larsen to the NDIFC site. She came up with NDIFC Blue, witch does give the NDIFC site it`s own look.

Since then, the Fanclub started growing bigger and bigger.

Patrick and Brandon got lucky enough to have Liz Macarthur and Tara Canova travel to Hawaii to cover the two shows that No Doubt did there which was great. Their photos/stories appeared in issue 2 of the magazine.

June 12th
Was the official url change from the site. The site was from then off located on the url : www.ndifc.com

Patrick got a chance to cover Adrian's tour with the Vandals in the summer of this year that appeared in issue 3 of the magazine.

Tragic Kingdom Magazine
The Tragic Kingdom Magazine was born. No Doubt`s first 100% filled magazine full with No Doubt things.


March, 1999
This was the year Brandon Griggs got to meet Patrick Larsen for the first time in person. Both, Patrick and Brandon went to do the first interview with No Doubt about their then untitled album "Return Of Saturn". For Brandon was this the first time he got to meet No Doubt in person which was of course an amazing experience. This was also when Patrick and I first got to see just how appreciative the band were of our efforts with the website and magazine. The interview we conducted at the studio ended up being in issue 4 of the magazine. Also Brandon Griggs became Vice-President, this month.

Tom Dumont speak about the NDIFC on the official site :

May 6th, 1999 from Tom Dumont
There`s a great No Doubt fan website and fanzine created by a Sedish fan named Patrick. Definiely check out the unofficial No Doubt International Fan Club.

Patrick and I conducted an interview with the band about their upcoming album this year.

This was also the year that No Doubt embarked on a small club tour of California and Nevada. Brandon Griggs wrote a long article about attending all but one of these shows in issue 5 of the magazine.


No Doubt started touring on their fourth album, Return of Saturn. For the NDIFC is our first big tour where we helped fans meeting No Doubt during the tour for the First time since the NDIFC started back in 1998.

The NDIFC does very well and a new NDIFC Staff job is created. It`s job for the keeping the website uptodate. This makes it easyer for President Patrick and Vice President Brandon to put the Tragic Kingdom magazine and helps Fans meeting the band.

The website delayed updating sometimes during the year. By October was a big delay because was NDIFC were following No Doubt in Japan and didn`t had time to update in the mainwhile.

By November, the server gaves some problems.


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