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  • When you have been surfing the web, you probably asked your self where to find The best possible No Doubt websites. There are thousands of various websites out There made by ND fans showing their dedication to the best band in the world.

    The amount of new No Doubt site had its peak of popularity around 1997. And New ND sites popped up everywhere, a lot of sites looked exactly like the others With the most usual stuff such as lyrics etc. This is something that I always Tried to avoid, because I keep of thinking of new things every day, because I think the thing with websites is to always keep things fresh, or people would Loose interest. I mean how fun is it to visit the same site day after day, when the site never updates? I always tried to create the site I always wanted to find on the net, its simply the best of the best.

    But then after the tour had ended in 1997, all of sudden most of the fancreated ND websites got abandoned. Left alone on the net by its webmaster, never to be updated again. Like a little orphant left to its destiny. I keep asking people everyday what happend with their site, and they simply replies that they have no time for it, or that they have lost the password. With this section, I will keep reviewing websites everyonce in a while, so you know where you could find the best websites, and what websites you could avoid. Remember this is my personal opinion, and if you feel that I made an unfair judgement of a websites quality e-mail me, and Iíll consider to change it.

    If you want your website to be reviewed, send me the URL and the name of the site to:

new2.gif (683 
bytes) In With The Breeze
Rating: 4/5
Last updated: September 19th, 2003

Look : This site has once in 2 or 3 months a total revamp. So this site has a lot of different looks in the past. Even on this moment that I write this review the site is currently closed for a look change.

Navigation : Depends on the look, but mainly good.

Content : Also has the site many section, witch make the site interesting. So is their a photo gallery a her own scanned photos. Also contains this site a spotlight to a lot of female artists, MP3 files, Gwennabees and more.

Check this site out, it worth to visit.


The Stephen Bradley Page
Rating: 4/5
Last updated: May 24th, 2003

This site is dedicated on No Doubt`s Trumpet/Keyboard player : Stephen Bradley.

The site contains sections that can found on most No Doubt sites on the web. The site also has some interactions, so visitors can be communicate. It doesn`t has an overload of info, but it`s a great tribute to No Doubt`s trumpet/keyboard player Stephen Bradley.

The site is easy to navigate and easy to read.

It`s a nice site to visit.


No Doubt Online
Rating: 5/5
Last updated: February 17th, 2003

At first, it`s been a long while since this this section is been updated. But we`re back.

No Doubt Online is been became one of the greatest No Doubt websites. With a big Discography, Photo Galery and such more cool content. A number of months back, it had for a long period dozens of high quality videos on it. But their gone now.

Upcoming April ,will reach the site the age of 4 year.

I can continue giving the site compliments, such as good it is. But I keep it short. Great Site.


No Doubt Net
Rating: 3/5
Last updated: June, 1999
I see new websites everyday, they are popping up like mushrooms from the ground. I didn't expect too much from this website, since it haven't been updated for a while. One of the cool things is that the webmaster actually comes from my country(Sweden) and that it had translations in Swedish. But after looking into the site, I soon realised that it had been taken away. But I still would like to give this site a 3- . It has many, many pics of Gwen and even a few very rare pics of Gwen as a teenager. Ok, now over to its content. The newssections isn't really updated much, but the layout of the design is very cool. The text is all in one big block. There is an article section, but it has only one article. It's a brief phone interview with Gwen from MTV(I guess I am the one who had transcribed it to text!).

One cool thing I found on this site is the NetAwards. Which I have never seen before at any type of website. Two websites has been given an award. One of this site didn't open when I clicked on it, but the other one worked and it was just awesome. Well worth an award, so to speak. When it comes to the bio section, there is some brief basic information about each member(not including Steve & Gabe). There is also a discography section with the officially released CDs and singles. This website also have some info about us(thank you). Links section doesn't work(page doesn't exist!) One thing that I really like with this website is that it has tons of photos. All official songs can be found on this website as RealAudio clips plus a bunch of other cool songs performed by No Doubt. Theres also a list of all shows that ND every played(with an exeption of the most recent). There is also a cool section where you could see their videos(5 of them). Webring section can also be found(but six of them won't show).


No Doubt ...happy now?
Rating: 5/5
Last updated: June 13th, 1999
First of all, I must say that this page impressed me very much. I didn't expect it to be this great at all, because I recieve hundreds of links every week. And if a website is bad, you may not wanna go through it all. But right after clicking on the first thing that can be found on this website, the photos that is. I couldnt stop. There was so many photos, and many of them was pictures that I never had seen before. And has put them up in a really nice way. Another cool thing is that there is a section with animated pics too. Very nice.

The webmaster of this website has made a tremendous job putting this all together. There is also a lot of cool quotes from each band member. Lyrcis to all albums can be found and also to some unreleased songs. Nice bios, except maybe a little short on the band bio. Very good discography, if your looking for something that may not be in your collection. Another nice thing is that there is a section for fans, showing people dressed up like Gwen and all kind of cool stuff. It also has all the latest updates, and things that you may not be able to find at other websites, so check it out daily, so you wont miss a thing!!! As a last word I would like to say that I really reccomend this site! Great job, keep up the good work.


No Doubt Squeal
Rating: 4/5
Last updated: April, 1999
The first thing you can notice about this site is the presentation: colorfull and clear, which are the main points that contribute to the success of a site. As it is brand new, there is still not a lot, but the organisation of the links looks pretty interesting and it seems that it is going to get a bunch of "exclusive" things (check out for example the unreleased No Doubt song called "All the time"). Also, it is really easy to navigate through it: it uses frames plus a way to link to your site yourself. When it'll be done, it will definatly be THE No Doubt site to check out, so don't wait until then!

The Doghouse
Rating: 5/5 Last updated: 1999
This would probably be one of my all time favourites when it comes to No Doubt sites!!! I love it, Craig Smith the webmaster of this site has made an incredible job appriciated by thousands of visitors during the years, as well as of Tom Dumont him self who even e-mailed Craig to tell him how great he thought it was. Keep up the good work!!!

So what does make this site so special?`Well, to begin with the layout of the site is really good, and its easy to navigate through it. Each section has been carefully planned and put up. And when it comes to its content, its just awesome. It has everything that you could possible think of. Great pics, a great tour history archive with many of the different setlists during the years. It also has almost lyrics to every ND song ever recorded. Both released and unreleased. There is also a short story about each song that tells you what the song is all about.

Another thing I really liked about this site is the fact that Craig Smith had written a very long story about his trip to Hawaii to see the two shows No Doubt did there last year, entustically supported by Gwens all-time favourite band Madness. But the trip to Hawaii was quite an adventure to Craig itself. Just read his story and you will find out what Im talking about. More has been promised to come soon.

The only bad thing about the site would probably be that it hasnít been updated for a couple of months. Many has complained and wondered why. The truth is that Craig has decided to wait a little until the release of No Doubts forthcoming album is coming closer. Craig has also got his own band that takes up pretty much of his time.


Rating: 5/5 Last updated: 1999
Another very large No Doubt sites is "Speachless, the Dutch No Doubt site" All thought this site was made in Holland, the entire site is written in English. There are a lot of different things to do: It has 18 different sections! It contains guitar tabs of unreleased songs and songs from the BCS album + some Drum tabs. This site is also perfect for European video traders, who can't trade with the Craig from the Doghouse because their VCR only plays PAL format: Ferdy (the guy who made Speachless) has a large collection of concert video's in PAL format. Another unique thing is the Audio section: it has a collection of funny ND WAV's that you can use as start-up and close-down sounds on your computer. There also is a great collection section with pictures of all ND-items the webmaster has collected (and believe me, that's a lot!).

Jamies No Doubt ska page
Rating: 2/5 Last updated: 1997
http:// www.seoc/paris/6808/
I canít really say anything special about this page. My first impression was why she calls a ND ska page when more than 50% of its content is not ND related. For example all those pics of the webmaster and her friends. What has that to do with No Doubt? Ok, there is a bunch of photos to pick from, but most of them wonít work. To be honest, I think that the chick who made this website wanted to make a website about her self and her friends, then she added som ND pics and called it a ND page just to gain more visitors. It is also one of the links that can be found at the official ND website.

Virtally yours... no doubt about it!
Rating: 1/5 Last updated: 9/13-97
Nothing special. Seems like someone started on a good job here. A ND page written entirely in Swedish. Never seen that before, so it was a cool idea from the start. There is a lot of options here, but only two buttons works. The mainpage, and the tour page(which was updated last '97). Something that could have turned out real good, turned out to be abandoned just like hundreds of others.

ND Home slice
Rating: 3/5 Last updated: 10/31-98
Very interesting page with lots of information about the band. You should definataly check it out. The only bad news is that it have not been updated since october 1998. Thats because the webmaster of this site also have a fulltime job. Apart from all the info on the band that can be found here, you will also be able to submit your own question about ND, and read answers to a lot of questions that other people have asked. Cool page!!


Kingdom- No Doubt
Rating: 1/5 Last updated: 1997
This is boring. Thats how I would like to start descibing this website. You only have two options here. Either reading the lyric to the song "Tragic Kingdom" or follow one of two links. One to another ND site, or one to a Bush site. The page also says "Under Construction". I also should perhaps point out that the webmaster is only 12-years-old. Perhaps someone forgot that he actually started to create this site a few years back?


The ND Hide out
Rating: 3/5 Last updated: 7/21-98
This is a cool page, and I must say that I like the design a lot. There was a lot of cool pics of the band that I never had seen before. That's why I decided to give it three stars instead of two. Other than that you will find the most usual stuff here, such as lyrics etc.


Nazz's Kingdom
Rating: 3/5 Last updated: 1997
This page is quite simple, but still very interesting. It has a lot of great pics, and especially of Gwen. If you want to see some real cool photos, you should definataly check it out. Nothing special other than that. But as those cute pics of Gwen really cheered me up, I think it deserves its three stars. Wonders if it ever gets updated anymore?!


No Doubt Guys Homepage
Rating: 3/5 Last updated: 7/23-97
If you have been looking for pics of Gwen. Then this is a site for you. There is a lot of great pics of her on this site. The webmaster have made a great job. The only bad thing would probably be that it has not been updated for a long time. I guess you could say that this guy is quite obsessed over Gwen.


No Doubt Live Entrance
Rating: 2/5 Last updated: 1997
This is a normal fanpage. Nothing special, and like most of the other ND pages on the net, this page is not updated anymore. The only interesting thing about this site would be parts of its content. The fact that there is a bunch of live pics from the webmasters own private collection is pretty cool. You should check it out. Its fun to see private live pics every once in a while to an opposite to all those pro shoots. Some of the links that can be found at this page doesn't work, so that's kinda bad. If the webmaster would do a little more at this site, it would easily deserve three stars.


Eric's No Doubt page (Shrine to Gwen Stefani.. and No Doubt!)
Rating: 2/5 Last updated: 1997
Nice page, here you find some more info about past members of the band, such as John Spence. It also have a few cool pics. On the other hand, this page sometimes feels a little empty when it comes to its content. The only cool thing would be the competition. I guess this page has been abandoned by its webmaster, just like thousands of others...


ND's Playground
Rating: 1/5 Last updated: 1997
I like the design of this page, the colors and the choice of background. But there is nothing special to be found here, and I guess yo get the answer at the index page. A little sign that says that its under construction. Perhaps another of those websites that has gottten abandoned by its creator? Sad but true. Only the album lyrics, and link page works, plus some old news from '97. I can't really give this site more than one star. It doesn't even have a guestbook!


The Official No Doubt Web Site
Rating: 5/5 Last updated: 2/12-99
This would be one of the best sites I ever seen. First of all I would like to credit it for having the best chatroom ever. Itís totally awesome, and if you ever would drop by there, then theres a pretty good chance that you would meet me there. I hang out there a lot under my real name. Itís much different from most of the webbased chats. You donít have to update it by pressing a button the whole time, it simply updates it self every once in a while. Almost like Mirc that updates everytime someone writes something. It should also be said that the chat is really fast, unless the server is slow.

Apart from that, another cool thing is that Tom Dumont, the guitarist of ND takes care of the news section, typing in a new message about what the band is currently up to. So you always get the latest news directly from the band.

You will also be able to view from a huge collection of photos from NDs own private collection, covering everything from the bands recent Hawaii gig, to their childhood. The bios is also very good. You will find a little of everything here. The only complaint I would have is that the link section is a bit old. Some of the links donít work, but on the other hand there sure is a LOT of links, and it would take pretty much time to check all of them every once in a while..


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