Chat: Wed, Mar 27, 1996

 No Doubts first webchat, March 27th, 1996:
Sonicbabe: No Doubt is Gwen Stefani on vocals, Tony Kamal on bass, Dumont on geetar and Adrian Young on skinz. They grew up in Orange County in sunny SoCal. They were reared on Bad Brains, Kiss, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath to name a few. Their new album, Tragic Kingdom is out on Interscope now. Gwen and Adrian are huddled around the Gateway2000, ready for yer questions.

GINGER LaRUE: Are you guys touring now?

No Doubt: Yeah, since August. On the Bush tour, opening with 30 minute sets every night.

SkippyRyall: Does it bother you that you're a bunch of sell-outs?

No Doubt: Um, yeah since we have been doing this band for 9 years.

Keeter: Hey, I saw you guys at SDSU and you guys rocked. Do you like playing big concerts or the smaller ones you used to play?

No Doubt: I like the small clubs best.

GINGER LaRUE: What do you think of the ska revival?

No Doubt: I didn't know that there was one but, I grew up loving ska, and it's definitely a big influence on No Doubt.

GINGER LaRUE: Are you making another?

No Doubt: Yeah, we have been trying to write on tour. But it's hard to do anything on tour but stay healthy.

Sonicbabe: Life on the road is tough, lonely hotels, bad backstage food....

SkippyRyall: Do you love me?

No Doubt: Yes.

GINGER LaRUE: Who are your influences?

No Doubt: Kermit the Frog, Julie Andrews.

Sonicbabe: That was Gwen.

GINGER LaRUE: What is "Just a Girl" about?

No Doubt: Some burdens in being a girl, to make it simple.

GINGER LaRUE: What other current bands do you like?

No Doubt: I like Radio Head, Blur, EverClear, 311, Jamiroquoi.

GINGER LaRUE: Where are you from?

No Doubt: Orange County California -- Disney Land.

SkippyRyall: If I was a gay, would you still love me?

No Doubt Probably even more than I love you now.

GINGER LaRUE: Are you playing Lolla this summer?

No Doubt: No.

looselips rm: Tim Sommer of Atlantic Records said you are the Patty Smyth and Scandal of the 90's, what does that mean?

No Doubt: I don't know. Scandal? That's terrible.

GINGER LaRUE: Is it hard to get on MTV?

No Doubt: Took us 9 years but we weren't trying the whole time.

GoSubZeroPA: Hey singer chick, you look good. I'm a skater and a guitar player in a ska band. Will you marry me?

No Doubt: I am not looking to get married right yet. But thank you skate dude.

Sonicbabe: Hey, you can catch No Doubt on David Letterman tomorrow nite.

SkippyRyall: No Doubt, did you know that you are everything that's wrong with music today?

No Doubt: Sorry that you feel that way. We are just trying to make music that comes naturally to us. f*cker.

Keeter: After you finish your Bush tour, are you going to start playing the smaller clubs in Orange County again?

No Doubt: Yes, and clubs all over the country.

GoSubZeroPA: Hey drummer, did you get a woody onstage at MTV Springbreak while you looked at the chicks in Bikinis?

No Doubt: I got a woody from all the jock guys with their t- shirts off!

GoSubZeroPA: Is Baba Booey you secret mananger?

No Doubt: Next.

Sonicbabe: Hey, who let the Howard Stern posse in here?

looselips rm: Is No Doubt like a slang phrase or something?

No Doubt: No, it's the name of our band.

GoSubZeroPA: Are the Jackie Puppet and the PaPa Puppet more talented than you?

No Doubt: Ask Howard Stern....

looselips rm: What are the first records you bought?

No Doubt: Shawn Cassidy, Men at Work, Super Tramp and Journey.

Keeter: How do you feel about Eric not touring with you guys? Do you still consider him part of the band, and will he perform with you in the future?

No Doubt: Eric is happy where he is at now, which makes us happy. He hated touring.

looselips rm: What did your parents listen to?

No Doubt: Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, Jimi Hendrix and the Doors.

GoSubZeroPA: Can Fartman save the world from Nuclear Hollecaust?

No Doubt: Ask Howard.

looselips rm: Don't Bush suck really bad?

No Doubt: No Comment.

Sonicbabe: Loose, I thought you were going to go watch 90210 or something??

CK MIKE1: Hello, what inspired you to put "Just A Girl" In Clueless?

No Doubt: They asked us to, and we said sure.

CK MIKE1: Why wasn't it in the Clueless Soundtrack?

No Doubt: It was supposed to be and they pulled it just to f*ck with us.

looselips: rm Are you playing in upstate NY?

No Doubt: Yes. Buffalo, April 10.

GoSubZeroPA: Gwen, are you Stuttering John's secret Indian lover? You have a dot on your forehead in your video, "I'm Just A Girl." Do you live in the Taj Mahal?

No Doubt: That's where I communicate with my home planet.

Keeter: I'm not complaining about your performances or anything, but I've been to a few shows recently and I've noticed that Gwen tends to speak the words of the songs rather than singing them. I think you have a great singing voice and you should show it off more in concert. Do you tend to speak the words because you are out of breath or excited or something?

No Doubt: Sorry.

bubbafett: When will you be coming to Los Angeles again?

No Doubt: May 15th. The Palladium.

silvrchrgrrl: How did you come up with the name "No Doubt?"

No Doubt: That's too long of an answer.

Keeter: Yeah I know about "Beacon Street." Why don't you guys play more songs off that album in concert, like "Greener Pastures?"

No Doubt: We will when we do our own headling tour, and get longer sets.

GoSubZeroPA: Since you have no talent and rip off good Bay Area Punk like Bouncing Souls and Screw32, what do you think of yourselves? Sellout posers?

No Doubt: I have never heard of those bands. And what is the definition of "sellout?" I need to Know (Gwen) We have been around longer than those bands, so it would make it hard for us to rip them off. (Adrian)

KILLER22fj: Why da hell should anyone buy the NO DOUBT new album? It sucks.

No Doubt: f*ck OFF.

DaN da NaD: What do you think is your most meaningful song?

No Doubt: My favorite song is "The Climb."

Keeter: ADRIAN: I met you a long time ago and you seemed to be a pretty normal guy. What happened? I saw you on "Get Next to Jenny" and you looked pretty different.

No Doubt: Ummmmm.... I am having a really good time, because I have become in touch with Satan.

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