Rock Steady Tour 2002 - Final Show

In 1996, No Doubt breaktrough in America with Just A Girl. Because of the popularity, No Doubt did a promo tour through America. By the end of 1996, No Doubt released Don`t Speak. It became No Doubt`s breakthrough over the whole world. So in 1997, No Doubt started playing in bigger and bigger venues, still in support of their 3rd album Tragic Kingdom. In the summer of 1997, No Doubt did their first Arena tour in their 10 year old carreer. On May 31st and June 1st 1997, No Doubt played in the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. It were special concerts becease of two resons. At first: the Arrowhead Pond is standing in Anaheim witch is No Doubt`s hometown and secondly becease the show was filmed and released on videotape on November 11th, 1997 under the name : Live in the Tragic Kingdom.


No Doubt didn`t had big hits again until 2002.... In December 2001, No Doubt released Rock Steady. A brand new album, made between a period of one year. The first single Hey Baby became such a great hit, that it reaced number #5 in the Billboards and even #2 in the United Kingdom. Several months later No Doubt released Hella Good as single. The remix version topped the Club/Dance chart in the Billboards. In the Billboard Hot 100 is reached #13 and in the United Kingdom #12. As third single, released Underneath it All. Underneath it All entered the United Kingdom chart on number #18. In America, Underneath it All reached #3 during No Doubt`s second Arena Tour in October and November 2002. Those smash hits became strong enough founded to do an Arena Tour again. After a two months playing in big Arena`s on November 30th, No Doubt played Again in the Arrowhead Pond. Not only was the show the last Arena from the Arena Tour but also the last the Final Show of the Rock Steady Tour with started in October 2001.

No Doubt played on November 30th :

Hella Good
Sunday Morning
Underneath It All
Don't Let Me Down
Platinum Blonde Life
Too Late (Instrumental)
Magic's in the Makeup (Acoustic)
Running (Acoustic)
In My Head
Excuse Me Mr.
Different People
Trapped in a Box

Simple Kind of Life
Just A Girl
Hey Baby
Don't Speak
Rock Steady
Sweetest Thing (U2 cover)
Total Hate '95

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