NDIFC Fan art Archive:

Author & Year
Michelle R. 2007 new2.gif (683 bytes) Drawings of Gwen
Art Dude 2003 Drawing of Gwen
Tiffany 2003 No Doubt
Mariselis Martinez 2002 Drawing of Tony and Gwen
Victoria Ebberts 2002 Drawing of Gwen
Stephanie 2002 Drawings of Gwen
Jennifer 2002 Drawings of Gwen
Nikki Iledan 2002 Drawing of Adrian and Gwen
Anabella Lawretta 2002 A drawing of Gwen
Richard Hardeman 2002 A ND drawing
Josh Barber 2000 Three very nice drawings of Gwen & Tom.
Cesar Torres 1999 Lots of great oil, and pencil art of the band and Gwen....
Erik Rakeesh 1999 Three drawings of Gwen
Alonso Morales 1999 Various computer art
Sara Rase 1999 Great fan art
Johan Donze 1999 A ND logo created by Mr.Donze
Teresa Humphreys 1999 A nice drawing of Gwen
Melissa Chungfat 1999 A couple of ND drawings
Julie Lavinay 2000 A couple of Gwen drawings
Christies 2000 A very nice collage of Gwen with pink hair!

Robert Breitenstein 2000

Cool No Doubt Drawing

"The Dragon" 2000

A Gwen collage

Amanda Bollinger 2000

A really nice Gwen Painting

Mirja Timm 2000

A Gwen Cartoon
Allison Hagen 2000 Cute Drawing Of Gwen by a four year old fan
Allison Hagen 2000 More drawings

Julia Davis 1999 Some very nice drawings of Gwen made by Julia Davis 1999
Julia Davis 2000 A couple of ND drawings

Julia Davis 2000

Nice No Doubt Drawings

Julia Davis 2000

Her mini member drawings

Julia Davis 2000

More Julia Davis Drawings

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