No Doubt on Tour in Europe, Summer 2002

NNo Doubt on Tour in Europe, Summer 2002

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July 7th, 2002



July 9th, 2002


1 Ex-Girlfriend
2 In My Head
3 Different People
4 Don`t Speak
5 Hey Baby
6 Just A Girl

7 Rock Steady

Down here is my report of No Doubt in Belgium and the Netherlands, during the 7th, 8th and 9th of July 2002. I`m the webmaster of the Fanclub site and I wanted to place my expierence of visiting a No Doubt concert and everything around it, here. I`m planning the join these days : Patrick Larsen (President) and Brandon Griggs (Vice-President). Because I`m in the staff of the Fanclub these things are possible. During at least those three days, we as NDIFC Staff are complete. Patrick, Brandon and I (Richard).

9th May 2002

On the 27th of April 2002 the tickets of the Dutch show came on sale. Ironic enough, that was exactly 2 years after No Doubt`s latest visit in the Netherlands. I decided to buy a ticket, so I`m 100% sure I can visit the dutch show. On the 9th of May, I booked the ticket online.

10th May 2002

I bought on the 10th of May 2002, the ticket in a big local postoffice. Having the ticket means, I have to know where the venue 013 is in the Netherlands. Living one hour drive away from it, it`s an interested point to check. So I decided to search the venue, the same day that I bought the ticket. After found it and on my way back to home, I heard for the first time on the radio `Hella Good`, the second single of `Rock Steady`.

1st June 2002

On June the 1st 2002, I visited for the second time Tilburg and made those pictures. See on the left venue 013.

7th June 2002

While visiting the city, I discovered a promo poster from Seat Beach Rock. No Doubt play on the Festival

on Sunday the 7th of July 2002.

22nd June 2002

I discovered that the Dutch Show in 013 in Tilburg was Sold Out.

26th June 2002

I just came back from vacation. From now it`s countdowning until the 7th - 8th - 9th of July.Those days I gonna met President Patrick Larsen and vice-President Brandon Griggs and I gonna see No Doubt !!! Let say it`s gonna be a Hella Good summer...


29th June 2002

Patrick Larsen stopped following the tour because of personal reasons. Brandon will continue following the tour.

2nd July 2002

I opened today the gallery where all the picture pics are coming from the both shows.


3rd July 2002

I figured out that there no photos can be taken in the venue 013. But it still can outside.

6th July 2002

One day before the Belgium show. I bought for the safety a ticket for Seat Beach Rock Festival in Belgium tommorow, where No Doubt is gonna play. I updated the gallery ones again with a few pictures.

7th July 2002

The Day : It`s late in the morning of the day that I gonna see No Doubt for the first time. I prepared a lot stuff for the travel. I`m really exited !!! I leave in a couple of hours. This is my last post before I leave. Read below the review of the show:


Arrived in Ostend in Belgium, parked my car and took the bus to the festival terrain.


Arrived by Festival terrain. It was a short walk to it.


Donnie Spada came on the stage preparing some stuff. Cool to see. Several crew members prepared the guitars an drums including Donnie Spada.


No Doubt came on stage. They started with the Rock Steady intro shorty followup by Sunday Morning. Here the setlist (I placed the songs that they played not in typical order as they played it):

Rock Steady (Intro)
Sunday Morning
Underneath it all
Hey Baby
Happy Now ?
Don`t Speak
Just A Girl
Hella Good

Excuse Me Mr.
In My Head

I bought a red T-Shirt for the No Doubt show and waved with to the band several times. Tony Kanal saw it and began to smile of it. He did that a few times.

Tom Dumont and Tony Kanal had both a band around their heads. Kind of Karate look. It look nice. Tom had a moveable keyboard dung RS songs and during ROS and TK songs had his yellow colloured V-Guitar.

© Copyright by Seat Beach Rock, All rights reserved

Something that was very special was Gwen climbing, I think 6 meters above the ground. So to see it for real, it`s hella fun to watch. It happend in the song Just A Girl in the part where every can sing along with Gwen Stefani. This part of the lyrics : "I`m Just a Girl in Belgium...". Tom Dumont did the repeated Just A Girl riff. I standed on the good site to see it. Right side of the stage somewhere in the front. Right in front a big screen, where No Doubt could be seen clearly. When Gwen wanted to came down, Gwen let felt the microphone controled. One of the crew members catched the microphone. Cool to see.

By Underneath it All, Stephen and Gabe played the section on horn where normally on the album Lady Saw is singing. Gwen sayed that it`s the next single.

By Hey Baby, Stephen and Gabe can on the front of the stage and sing along with Gwen in the part where Bounty Killer normally is singing. Stephen and Gabe standed on both sides of Gwen and Gwen was in the middle, it looks cool. Also somewhere in the song I saw Tom holding his movealbe keyboard holding on a speaker or so and the song came on point where Tom kick off again with the Hey Baby Chorus and started playing it on the box.

All the bandmembers where introduced by Gwen. What also can seen on TK video.

By the song Spiderwebs did the whole crowd waving with there hands, including me.

During one song, I saw the belt that holds Tony Kanal Bass was didn`t hanged on him. On that moment somebody of the crew came fast on stage and did it back on Tony`s body.

All the songs of Rock Steady were very danceable.

It was cool to sing the first part of Don`t Speak. Everybody was glad to see No Doubt preforming there breaktrough song Don`t Speak. It was one of the less ballads. So, yeah I trully can say No Doubt is a Rock band.

Also previous bands didn`t got the crowd exited until No Doubt preformed. The crowd was very loud and enjoyable. I realised that, that is where I`m doing about my NDIFC work for. No Doubt is a awesome Rock band.

Adrian`s hear was a chessboard, while Tony`s hear had white colloured little my mohawk.

I even saw flow in the air an empty plastic (I guess) bottle.

On the side of the stage where No Doubt was playing I saw almost the preformance Donnie Spada.

After the show that No Doubt gaved the made a bow to the audience.

One thing is for sure, I saw No Doubt playing their new single called Underneath it All earlyer then that it can be heared on the radio or seen on television. On the 16th, will premiere the video of the new new single.

After 5 year fan, I saw No Doubt Today for the First time and I love them.

8th July 2002

I Archived everything from that Festival. I updated the picture gallery with 75 pics. Including one picture where Gwen Stefani and Me are captured.

I took my a whole day to create everything.

9th July 2002

Two days after Seat Beach Rock, I gonna see No Doubt again and hopefully met them. I gonna wear that red T-Shirt and hopefully they gonna remember that t-shirt from the Seat Beach Rock Festival. That would be rad.

Also I gonna meet Brandon Griggs, the vice-President of the NDIFC. One of the two others Staff members, where I been part of.

Ones again it`s in the morning while making this teaser for ones again a cool day. This gonna my second time, ever that I gonna see No Doubt.

So read below my second review of the show in the venue 013 in Tilburg in the Netherlands :


Arrived in Tilburg in the Netherlands.


Talked with an interviewer from the magazine :Aloha. He sayed that the interview can be found in August issue of Aloha

Also I met Wanda Nagelkerke my contact person in Tilburg.


The row for the venue doors was growing while I was walking around. I walked to the other side of the venue far away from the doors to enter the venue. I saw two black busses. After the front window of the bus was lying a paper with No Doubt on it. John Sampson was walking outside. I saw Gabrial McNair and talked to him shorty. He sayed "hi". Gwen Stefani entered the bus. After a while waiting I took some pictures of the bus. Finally Gwen Stefani walked out. I captured that moment on photo. She waited to talk with me. Now comes the good part. I was waving with a red T-shirt on the previous show in Belgium. After I showed Gwen my T-Shirt (while I was standing after the gate with holes) but Gwen saw it and sayed She saw that T-Shirt in Belgium while they were playing. So she sayed "YES". That was the first time I ever talked to Gwen Stefani.


The doors opened from the venue.


I entered the venue.


entered the place where No Doubt was gonna preform.


I was walking around I searching a good place for seeing the concert. I met Hanna Bervoets also part the NDIFC.


I was ask to follow the security guy. I got a sticker that I had pasta on my red No Doubt T-Shirt.

I entered the room and met Brandon Griggs, the Vice-President of the NDIFC. We hughed eachother. So the staff was without Patrick Larsen pretty much complete. After I talked to Brandon Griggs, he repeated several times that he was proud of how the site was looking now. He even got compliments from some fans, while following the tour.

No Doubt entered the room. I was not to shy and started talk to Tony Kanal first of he saw my red T-Shirt and ones again I got a yes. I shorty after started talk to Gwen Stefani. John Sampson came up with stuff to write, so ND could sign some stuff. Gwen ask me something to write on. I finally found something (luckly). Then something very very very rad happed. Gwen Stefani ask for MY name. After she heared it, she didn`t know how to write it. So she ask for help. I can`t remember who helped Gwen, but after hearing from one who gaved help, she could write my name. She did wrote my Name on the paper and Gwen Stefani signed the paper with her autograph. The autograph was dedicated to me. This way it became very personaly. It was not just an Autograph. Then I walked to Tom Dumont while knowing the fact he like surfing on the web. So I told him that I saved every single post from him on the official site since April 1998 (When he started). He sayed I did a great job, doing that. He signed also on that paper. With those amazing words "Great Work - Tom Dumont". Then the photoshoot started. I was one the first fans, who been captured on photo with the band. Brandon Griggs took the picture. Somewhere in this whole meet and greet I did an interview for a TV documentairy. The interviewer told that what he filmed it for the American television. So maybe I get also famous. Then the band was ask to started to prepare for the show. Gwen stefani was the last one, who walked away to the stage or so. But before she was walking far away from us, walking in a hallway, I sayed as last one from meet and greet fans to wise her "Succes (good luck)". She respond on happy it.


© Copyright by Webmaster NDIFC - Richard Hardeman, All rights reserved


I was in the audience with Vice-President Brandon Griggs and Hanna Bervoets who is also part of the NDIFC staff, but then in away of money. Then the show started :

Rock Steady (intro)
Hella Good
Sunday Morning
Ex Girlfriend
Underneath it All
Happy Now
In My Head
Simple Kind of Life
Different People
Excuse Me Mr.
Don`t Speak
Hey Baby
Just A Girl
Short time that the band left the stage
Rock Steady



The show started soon, with a very danceable song Hella Good. The mood was fast set in the audience.

In Just A Girl, Gwen climbed on a box. How ironic enough again on the side where I standed again. She paid attenting to `Not Crowsurfing` sign that standed upside down. It was very very funny to see.

Detective is rad song to hear it live. Really sound cool.

By Hey Baby did ones again Stephen Bradley and Gabrial McNair did the Bounty Killer part. Ones again, they standed on both sides of Gwen. I totally got sucked into the music, so wonderfull.... A lot of Keyboards were on stage. The response of the crowd was heavy. It was very very danceable. I love that song.

By In My Head, did someone from the crew placing a new instrument in front of the stage. They did that also in Belgium. Great song also to hear it live.

New is a great rock song live. Really one of my favorite songs.

By Underneath it All, they did also a horn part in that part where Lady Saw is singing on the record.

In Bathwater Gwen also intruduced Stephen and Gabe.

In Don`t Speak everybody sang the first and at the last part of the song.

The song Rock Steady was fantastic to hear it live. It`s the theme song from the latest album.

The show was even a cooler then in Ostend, when I standed more far away from band.


Was the end of the show. I talked to Brandon Griggs for a while. I also met Floris, a fan I know.

Brandon Griggs dissapeard to Backstage.

I was talking to several fans and waited for see what happend.


Stephen Bradley appeared. He walk to the bar to take some drinks. I was able to talk to him. I expeaned ones again my NDIFC work. He didn`t was at the first meet and greet. He was proud of it and wiched my luck in the future with my NDIFC job. I was able to ask if he still play with the band : Good Life and he sayed "No". I gaved Stephen a compliment for the song Hey Baby that had a rad responding of the crowd. I love that song. We shaked our hands, he walked to bar and bought some drinks on the bar after the short talk. I waited and wanted to see what happend. He walked away to Backstage again. I sayed "bye" and Stephen responded and walked BACK for shaking with my me our hands. It came over (in Stephen point of view) as your a nice guy and can be titled as friend. And he tanked my for the nice talk.


One of the security guys mentioned that No Doubt left the venue. He also sayed that I was a very supportive fan. Very possitive and did a great job while meeting the band. I thanked the security guys. Nice people, so that was a perfect closing for me of the whole evening.

10th July 2002

The day after.

I met Yesterday, No Doubt and that day they built up an opinion about me the Webmaster from NDIFC.

No Doubt`s Opinion about me (Richard Hardeman) :

Yeah you are definitely a super fan. The band thought that you were really cool. And they were not lying when they said how thankful they are that you help make our site as great as it is. We couldn't have the NDIFC without you.

This part above came from email I got from Vice-Pesident Brandon Griggs (today).

Yesterday was the best day of life. So I decided to create credits on this page. Down here is everybody who I (Richard Hardeman - Webmaster NDIFC) would to thank from yesterday :

No Doubt

Gwen Stefani - Asking for my name and sign the card with my name and yours and also signing my T-shirt. Also thanks for the short talk outside the venue. It meaned a lot to me. I was the last fan who wiched you guys luck on stage and I guess that was the ultimed what I could do for supporting you on that moment. I`ll hope you will remembering me as nice guy.
Tony Kanal - Thanks for remembering my red T-Shirt at the Belgium show and for the kick-off talk on the meet and greet.
Tom Dumont - I`m very happy with all that you did. The section will have a have in the future, your autograph as expressing of what you think about it. It was a wich for me too, to talk to you.
Adrian Young - You was very funny. Unbelieveable how you can fart, but that made our talk very funny. Thanks also for the autographs.

Stephen Bradley - It was very nice talk after the preformance at the bar. It meaned a lot to me, that you shaked my hand and made an autograph too.
Gabrial McNair - Short but powerfull. You was the first No Doubt bandmember that ever talked to me. Congratualions with the length of 10 year in No Doubt.

No Doubt - I would tank also the Whole band at ones for giving the time of my life. I found, that I expressed my feelings as being a hugh fan and gaved the message of how rad the new record is. I don`t know if I`m a outstanding fan or not or so, with things that I done. You became All, Friends of me. But I love you all very much and wiches you all the best in the future.


Vice-President Brandon Griggs - Thanks for all of this. We are good friends. Thanks being so clear on the NDIFC stuff. We are standing strong as NDIFC.
James - Thanks (and this also for Brandon) for the good time we had together.
President Patrick Larsen - You wasn`t there, but I would thank you. We (Brandon, James and me) talked about you.
Hanna Bervoets - You are a very nice girl. We had a great time together. Because you are ones us, you are mentioned in the NDIFC Staff part.

NDIFC - The thing where we are standing for in the fanclub. So serve Fans a organisation that make it possible to meet the band. And having online (thanks to me) a great website that even mentioned to be more Daily then the official No Doubt site. It`s great organisation to work for.


Wanda Nagelkerke - Your are a very very nice girl. We built a good band between eachother.
Eddy Witkamp - The webmaster of the most succesfull Dutch No Doubt site. We were friends already.
Foris - Nice to talk to you. You travelled a big distance for the show, I was really nice to meet you.
And everybody I forget - I want to thank everybody I forget, that I talked to. And also all the fans who visit the show.

12th July 2002

A few days later. I recieved a message back from Gwen Stefani. Thanks to my contact person Brandon Griggs, who still is following No Doubt. Read below Gwen`s response of our meetings :

Gwen Stefani enjoyed talking to me !!!

Ones again, I recieved the message from Brandon Griggs. This time, it took place at a special talk. The whole NDIFC staff was talking to eachother by the internet.

25th July 2002

The Month is reaching it`s end. But Radio 3FM does continue the Rock Steady vide from the Dutch show.

Today around 21:30 PM, Radio 3FM will air the show that No Doubt gaved in the venue 013 on the 9th of July.

The whole day, I hearing Radio 3FM. When I was on drove to my work, on my work and when I drove home. I heard No Doubt already four times. On my way to work, I heared Ex-Girlfriend. In the middle of the day, I heared Hey You. On the end of my work I heard a sneak track from the show from this evening. It`s the song Hey Baby that they played the live version from 013. And when I drove home, I heard Don`t Speak. That was in the Morning and Afternoon. Early in the evening, I heard Hella Good. And that`s makes it five. My conclusion is that`s No Doubt day on Radio 3FM. Check below what radio 3FM played from the show.

Radio 3FM played the highlights from that show. Here`s the songs that they played on the radio (3FM) :

1 Ex-Girlfriend
2 In My Head
3 Different People
4 Don`t Speak
5 Hey Baby
6 Just A Girl

7 Rock Steady

Above are the Full songs in MP3.

I can`t believe it. Shorty after the first ever airing of the show on the radio, the Billboard Music Awards from 2001 were on television. Believe me, those things are very exclusive when those are playing here in the Netherlands. Because those shows playing on Dutch television.

26th October 2002

Slagwerk Cover

Some months are past since the shows. I discovered that it left some marks in the media. I bought yesterday, a Dutch Drummers magazine called Slagwerkkrant. See left the cover. Click on it, to see bigger version. The issue includes photos from the Dutch show in 013 including the photo on the cover.

Also the famous MTV, recorded the Seat Beach Rock Preformance in Ostend, Belgium. The preformance is used for a MTV Cribs special where they show how Stars life on the road.

Also Underneath it All, reached the Top 10 of America. It happend three weeks ago. Underneath it All reached number #7, last week. No Doubt is doing currently their second Arena Tour in their career. The will also preform in the Arrowhead Pond on November 30th.


1st November 2002

Added the Rock Steady MP3. I recorded the song, the song evening as it aired on the radio. On Radio 3FM in Holland.

7th November 2002

Over two days, the section is existing a half year. I finally got the photo in my mailbox from No Doubt and Me. It`s a wonderfull photo, as you can see in the review of July 9th. A lot happend since I bought the tickets, visited the shows and afterwards. But for the first time of my life, I had a day to never forget. July 9th, 2002. The first time ever, that I had real contact with No Doubt. They liked me a lot and I them. In total it took me, one and half hour drive to Belgium and a hour drive to Tilburg to see and meet No Doubt. Due my work on the NDIFC, I was able to meet No Doubt in Tilburg. They gaved my the feeling of what the heart of this work is. Where everything is build on. A really nice group of people, that makes wonderfull music. After 15 year of existing, I finally got the change to meet them. What reflect of the whole year 2002, is the current succes from their latest album Rock Steady. With three current smash hits, it brought No Doubt back on the top of the charts.

I`ll you all liked my detailed review of the 2 shows, during the European, Summer Tour 2002.


No Doubt - NDIFC - Fans

Richard Hardeman


21st March 2003

The photo from Gwen outside 013, fixed trough a few photoshop filters to look better and greater version of No Doubt and me added.

7th June 2003

A year after I discovered a Seat Beach Promo Poster (see above), I added the 4th 013 Gallery including a cool live photo and a Dutch review.

Only a month to go and then is it a Year ago, that I saw and met No Doubt.

This whole Review is all created by me: Richard Hardeman - Webmaster of the No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub, NDIFC

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