Rock Steady 1st Anniversary

On January 2nd 2001, No Doubt started working on their 5th studio album. The album was inspired by the after parties from the Return of Saturn Tour 2000. At those parties, No Doubt played Dancehall Raggae. So in the spring of 2001, No Doubt returned to the studio to create their 5th album. Throught the happyness of No Doubt, they started creating with different producers new songs. For the first time, No Doubt traveled to Jamaica to record tracks for the album. On that trip, No Doubt got help by Jamaican artists like Bounty Killer and Lady Saw. But also by the producers Sly & Robbie and Steelie & Clevie. In the Fall of 2001, No Doubt traveled to London to place the finishing touches on the album. While the attacks on America on September 11th, No Doubt couldn`t travel home to be with their family. But No Doubt had only eachother. In October 2001, No Doubt played in the frontprogram of U2. During those shows, frontman Bono listened to Rock Steady while it`s released at that time. No Doubt got good critics on it from Bono. A few weeks for it`s release on December 18th at time, No Doubt decided to puch up the releasedate to December 11th. So on December 11th 2001, No Doubt`s Rock Steady released in America.

Rock Steady entered the Billboard chart at number #9. While Rock Steady`s first single called Hey Baby was climbing the charts. In February 2002, Hey Baby entered the United Kingdom chart at number #2. Witch is 1 place lower then Don`t Speak, that entered the United Kingdom chart in February 1997 at number #1. In the American Billboard chart, Hey Baby reached it`s peak at number #5. Mainwhile Hey Baby did it so good in Europe, that it reached number #5 in the European chart. During summer 2002, the second single released called: Hella Good. It entered the United Kingdom chart at number #12. In the Billboards it reached number #13. But the Hella Good remix reached number #1 in a Billboard Dance/Club chart. No Doubt did an European Festival Tour during the summer. When Hella Good was slowly leaving the charts, Underneath it All released. Underneath it All reached number #3 in the Billboard charts and became Rock Steady`s biggest hit in America. In the United Kingdom it entered the chart at number #18. Because Rock Steady is doing very well, and even didn`t left the Billboard chart since it release now a year later. So in October and November of 2002, No Doubt played in many Arena`s in America. No Doubt ended their Rock Steady tour (2001-2002) in the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim on November 30th.


Hey Baby

Billboard Hot 100 - Number #5
UK Dotmusic - Number #2


Hella Good

Billboard Hot 100 - Number #13
UK Dotmusic - Number #12


Underneath it All

Billboard Hot 100 - Number #3
UK Dotmusic - Number #18

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