Gavin Rossdale marries Gwen Stefani

Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale has married Gwen Stefani of No Doubt.

The wedding was held at Paul's Church in Covent Garden and the guests included British fashion designer John Galliano.

The couple have been dating for six years. Rossdale proposed on New Year's Day.


Gwen & Gavin: They Do!

by Josh Grossberg
Sep 6, 2002, 2:05 PM PT

Gwen Stefani has officially snared Gavin Rossdale in her spiderwebs.

The belly-baring No Doubt singer and rusty-throated Bush frontman swapped vows Saturday afternoon at St. Paul's Church in London's posh Covent Garden, Interscope Records spokesman Dave Tomberline confirmed Monday.

The 32-year-old Stefani eschewed her usual "thrift-store junkie" look for a traditional Galliano cream wedding dress and veil. Rossdale, 34, met her at the altar in a tuxedo and designer shades, which he wore throughout the nuptials.

The wedding was kept under tight wraps to avoid the usual paparazzi invasion. Guests included members of No Doubt and Bush, as well as the twosome's close friends and family and their Hungarian Puli sheepdog, Winston, dressed to the nines with a pink floral garland affixed to his collar.

This is the first marriage for both rockers--and, let's face it, it's about time they did the ring thing.

Stefani, the peroxide-blonde, bindi-sporting pop star who became a sex symbol fronting the California-based ska-punk quartet, met Rossdale backstage at a December 1995 concert for the Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

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At the time, both No Doubt and Bush were burning up the charts with their respective breakthrough albums, Tragic Kingdom and Sixteen Stone. Stefani and Rossdale had plenty of time to get acquainted--not only were they signed to the same label, but both bands also toured together in 1996.

Despite the constant treks, recording sessions and band commitments, the two kept it going, splitting time between Stefani's Hollywood home and Rossdale's London digs.

Lately, Stefani seemed to be pushing for the knot-tying, singing about her feelings in the songs "In My Head," "Making Out," "Marry Me" and "Don't Let Me Down" on No Doubt's 2001 album, Rock Steady. The Bush man finally took the hint and popped the question on New Year's Day, and Stefani "happily accepted," according to the couple.

According to London's Sunday Express, Rossdale bid goodbye to his bachelorhood with three days of stag partying in Los Angeles and London, while Stefani settled for one night out with the girls.

No word whether the wedding sparked talk of another Bush-No Doubt joint tour anytime soon. But, Stefani has recently indicated the road might take a backseat to motherhood.

Before the babies, however, Gwen and Gavin are reportedly expected to headline their own private honeymoon in France.

Meanwhile, for those friends and family who couldn't make the trip to London, the newlyweds plan to do it all over again in a second, Stateside ceremony in Los Angeles on September 28.


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