Can a Car Lift Fit in a 10 Foot Ceiling?


When choosing a lift, you should make sure to take the available height into consideration. Things like light fixtures and door openers can significantly lower your ceiling height, so it’s important to maximize the height available. putting together a 4 post car lifts may also want to choose an ANSI certified lift if possible.
Four-post lifts

A four-post car lift is a common option for garages and auto repair shops with limited space. This type of lift does not require a very high ceiling and does not need to be bolted down. Instead, it has a table-like configuration and has casters for easy mobility.
Scissor lifts

If you have a low ceiling in your facility, a scissor lift is the best option for you. They are small and fit in tight spaces. But, they offer limited flexibility. have to consider your maximum working height and platform height before you make a purchase. The working height is usually the platform height plus six feet. But, this may vary depending on the operator’s height and arm length.
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A low-rise car lift can be the perfect choice for small garages that have a 10-foot ceiling or lower. Low-rise lifts are perfect for undercarriage service and wheel work. They don’t lift as high as GrandPrix lifts, but they do have a smaller footprint and ample lifting height.
ANSI certified lifts

ANSI certified car lifts are a great investment for any garage. They are safe and can accommodate a wide range of vehicles. They are designed with a single hydraulic cylinder under the runway and include features such as a single-piece pilot fitted steel piston, pressure-loaded U-cup piston seals, backups, and wear bands. These lifts are also constructed with superior-design rod seals that eliminate rod leakage. They also feature a special rod wiper to prevent excessive wear.
MaxJax lifts

The MaxJax car lift is a patented, portable two-post lift that is perfect for garages and automotive professional shops. This lift is designed to fit in tight spaces and features five anchor bolts per column that can securely hold up to 16,500 pounds of pressure. It is also UL listed and ALI certified, meaning it meets rigorous safety standards.
BendPak lifts

The BendPak line of car lifts features a sturdy base and superior processing. This ensures smooth two-post lifts with low maintenance costs. They come with hydraulic lines that are 3/8 inch thick. They also come with built-in AC power units. The AC power unit allows the lift operator to control the lift speed.
QuickJack lifts

When it comes to installing a car lift, the QuickJack is an excellent choice. These lifts are easy to use and require little assembly. They have two height settings – one for a 10-foot ceiling and the other for a lower ceiling. They also have a locking mechanism, which allows the support arms to continue ascent until they reach the perch at the bottom of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is raised to the required height, you can then flip over the locking mechanism to prevent the car from falling.